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Ray White principal celebrates record first month

Ray White Frankston has achieved a record month in March, with 37 sales from 37 listings following the appointment of Ash Weston as Principal and Director of Sales.

Ash comes to the position with three years of experience running the sales side of the business. Since his appointment as principal, the business has experienced record growth.

“In the last two years, our team has doubled to 14 members and through the systems and processes I’ve implemented, we’ve also doubled the amount of business we do each month.”

With a proven track record in sales himself – settling $1.2 million in commission every year, he has been able to share his insights and scale that with excellent results.

Big on systems and processes, he focuses heavily on consistency and ensuring that every salesperson is using the same methods to generate sales.

“Our systems and processes are the same for every single agent to guarantee the same level of service across the business. Every salesperson in our team has an assistant, and both agents and support staff are rewarded when their service is rated a 10 out of 10 by a client. This is a great initiative for our team, but more importantly it’s the best initiative for our clients because it ensures they are getting the highest standard of service at all times,” he says.

Reflecting on his sales and business journey he comments that the biggest lesson he’s learned over the last three years is how to get the most out of people. He’s implemented these lessons in the company.

“Part of tailoring our approach to the sales process across the board was ensuring that it was working to get the best performance out of our people. There is no point having structure and process if it’s not delivering productivity,” he said.

Setting high goals, Ash is ambitious and the business looks likely to exceed a record first month. He is dedicated to achieving excellence and plans to grow the team further.

“Our team will continue to grow and as we bring on new agents it’s imperative that they fit into our culture. We are genuinely committed to being the best agency in the area: to operate with the most amount of integrity and be the best we can be.

“We believe we have the best model for not only getting the most out of our team but for ensuring our clients are getting the most out of us,” he said.

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