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Ray White ‘powers up’ property managers

Customer service is the key to long lasting success from every transaction, or interaction, members have with clients, according to Ray White.

Ray White head of property management Emily Sim said “customer service is our core message now more than ever before”.

Ms Sim and her team have just concluded a series of national training and networking sessions for property managers called PM Power Up in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

“We have a strong sense that our property management businesses have struggled with their identity in the broader real estate business so they identify as being in the property management industry,” Ms Sim said.

“In fact, they are in the customer service industry and property management is their service offering.

“So we are coaching our businesses to be strategic with customer service and use technology to run their property management businesses.”

The PM Power Up sessions attracted more than 100 of the group’s 2400 property managers in each state, with a waiting list in each location.

“This was our first experiment with running a networking event instead of a training event as a way of feeling out the group for their preference,” Ms Sim said.

“The response so far has us feeling enthusiastic about running more networking events for property managers across our group.

“Our communication needs to be first class. We deliver excellent property management services and we never get challenged on property management issues but our clients will know if our customer service isn’t the best.

“Retention of clients is critical to our success in property management. Customer service is no longer a point of difference, it’s a requirement.

“For landlords to stay with an agency, they have to believe that client service is a core value.”

Having surveyed attendees, the impact has clearly been outstanding with an excellent satisfaction rating overall.

Ray White head of marketing Lisa Pennell (pictured above) gave some practical tips for property managers to implement when managing complaints.

Ms Pennell has been helping to manage Ray White’s brand from high conflict complaints for more than 16 years.

“I have seen every scenario you could ever imagine but it all comes down to listening to our clients and letting them articulate exactly it is they need from us and for us to deliver a solution,” Ms Pennell said.

“Conflict is normal and it happens all the time. But I need you all to know how to diagnose a normal or high conflict situation quickly. I can teach you how to close a complaint in five minutes.”

Ms Pennell reminded the property managers to always be respectful, reassuring and understanding. “And remember to start nicely and finish nicely.”

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