Ray White have marked another anniversary with Linda Frisina reaching 30 years

This week Linda Frisina celebrated three decades with the Ray White Group as the face on the front desk of the Queensland corporate office.

“I’ve been lucky with all the moves, because each time we’ve moved it’s been a different environment and something new.”

Linda said working within the Ray White Group had been like working with a large family or group of friends.

Labelled the eyes and ears of Ray White Queensland’s corporate office, she said one of the most noticeable changes over recent years had been an injection of young people into the business.

“I’m seeing a lot of youth come through; it’s just unbelievable,” she said.

No two days are ever the same, which Linda said had kept her on her toes – but she replied with a firm “no” when asked if she’d still be greeting guests at the front desk for another three decades.

“Another 30 years? I don’t think so,” she laughed.

“Every day is like the first day and a new adventure, and you just do what you’ve got to do. What I do for one person is what I do for anybody else. I don’t segregate and if I can do anything to help anyone in any way I just do it.”

“Linda is truly loved, not just by the corporate team but by each and every member of Ray White Queensland,” said Ray White Queensland CEO Tony Warland.

“She makes people feel welcome because of her personality and warmth, never without a smile or kind word, and is a true asset who has kept the front of house ticking along efficiently for the past three decades.”

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