Raine & Horne expands to New Zealand

The brand will open four offices across New Zealand’s North Island by the end of April.

The Announcement:

Leading Australian property group Raine & Horne is expanding its global reach by launching a New Zealand office network today.

The launch follows extensive consultation with real estate principals across New Zealand, revealing an overwhelming appetite to align with an alternative network.

The brand that started its international network in Malaysia in 1989 will open four offices across New Zealand’s North Island by the end of April, with the focus expanding to the South Island later in 2023. 

Raine & Horne will support its expansion by acquiring other real estate networks in New Zealand. 

Appetite for change in New Zealand 

Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne, is thrilled by the response from the many real estate principals he has met during his multiple visits to New Zealand.

“There is significant appetite for another major real estate brand in New Zealand, especially in this softer market where many, particularly independent businesses, are increasingly realising there is great value and safety in being a member of a major real estate group such as Raine & Horne,” he said.

“We are a global leader in PropTech, marketing, training and agency systems, and we pride ourselves on our reliable and market-leading support for our offices, so it stands to reason that we are taking an aggressive approach to our New Zealand expansion. 

“Our unique value proposition of being a trusted brand that has a growing international presence along with a unique technology ecosystem of digital firsts such as game-changing AI and social media marketing technology Amplify, and online sales and property management appraisal platform, DigiKitPlus are proving a hit with real estate principals in New Zealand.”

Mr Raine added that his firm is also seeking to acquire other networks as part of his firm’s aggressive expansion plans in New Zealand. 

“Given our affinity with New Zealand and the similarities in how our two countries transact real estate, we have been eyeing an expansion across the Tasman for some time as a natural next step in our evolution,” he said.

“While it’s fair to say the New Zealand property market is facing some challenges along with the distressing damage caused by the recent Cyclone Gabrielle, we feel the timing is right for us to support the real estate industry and property consumers.”

Raine & Horne is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated real estate business founded 140 years ago and is still under the ownership of the Raine family, a fact that makes Mr Raine incredibly proud.

Mr Raine added, “We can quickly adapt to a changing market and make quick decisions. We don’t need a complex boardroom dependent on shareholder votes to make decisions.

“We are also one of the southern hemisphere’s oldest continuously operating firms. Today we have offices in Australia, the South Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, and India, with four offices in New Zealand opening in the next few weeks. So, watch this space.”

Experienced coupled with technology to support expansion

The real estate powerhouse has appointed experienced Keith Niederer as its Network Manager for New Zealand to lead the office growth, who believes Raine & Horne’s ecosystem of technology firsts will fast-track its expansion in New Zealand. 

Mr Niederer has held senior executive positions with other real estate groups in New Zealand, where he guided the acquisition of several real estate groups. Also, a former real estate office principal, Mr Niederer, who started in the property industry in 1987, has extensive contacts across the real estate industry in New Zealand. 

“Raine & Horne’s astute and multimillion-dollar investment in its technology, such as Amplify and DigiKitPlus that are exclusive to our group, are massive prospecting tools for us as we expand across New Zealand,” Mr Niederer.

“These products particularly resonate with the younger people entering the real estate industry.”

Mr Niederer confirmed, “We have four offices about to open under the Raine & Horne banner, and as we get up and running, more will quickly join us because many franchise owners in New Zealand are not receiving the service they were accustomed to previously. 

“With its experience opening businesses in the South Pacific, India, Asia and the Middle East, and a finely-honed four-week onboarding platform, new offices can be up and running very swiftly.”

According to Mr Niederer, trust, and longevity in business in New Zealand are essential factors with real estate principals. 

“The fact that Angus Raine and his family have been at the company’s helm for 140 years and continue to invest in the business is filtering back to the industry and creating an appetite among principals in New Zealand to find out more about Raine & Horne.

“People are looking for a point of difference, and with its technology firsts combined with its heritage of trust and long-term real estate excellence, Raine & Horne is on a winner.”

Source: Raine & Horne

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