Propic makes AI technology available for free during pandemic

Real estate software service provider Propic will make its AI technology available for free to all real estate businesses, irrespective of size, to support the industry through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the changing needs of businesses and customers, the AI technology has been trained to answer a variety of different coronavirus-related questions.

Valued at thousands of dollars, Propic’s Head of Customer Experience Fatek Chamma said in the current climate it makes sense to provide it for free in support of the industry at large.

“This is about helping real estate businesses, whether they’re small, medium or large, through this challenging time so they can continue to serve their customers online, in real-time without straining the resources that they have,” explained Mr Chamma.

“The AI at its core is built to work with customers online to capture and manage real estate-related requests but knowing the time-saving benefits this technology can offer, it made sense for us to empower users with COVID19 conversations and offer this for free to support the industry we work in.”

Propic’s AI technology is known as Enliven and it comes to life on real estate websites as an interactive chat module, managing new enquiries, facilitating appraisals, providing requested information, making informed
suggestions based on customer needs, guiding customers through sales processes and taking other time-consuming tasks off agents’ hands.

Enliven enables consumers to request private views or appraisals and then notifies the business with this request.

Not to be confused with a simple chatbot, which is limited to responding to a set of formulaic, pre-determined questions, Enliven draws on machine learning to constantly expand, enhance and interpret a more comprehensive range of conversations with customers.

Now, as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, Enliven has also been trained to have conversations with customers on how to stay safe and avoid infection, the precautions and contingencies the agency has in place to respond to the coronavirus threat, changes to how inspections and auctions are being handled, and more.

“We will continually modify these conversations as updates happen, such as further restrictions on industry practice or news on Government stimulus packages to support landlords and tenants,” Mr Chamma said.

Deploying the Enliven AI to a company’s website takes the business’s web developer a matter of minutes once Propic makes the chat module live.

The free offer will run indefinitely to support real estate businesses through
the pandemic.

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