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Property sales shake up as Betterway launches in Australia

A new fixed-fee model real estate is set to launch in regional Australia, promising a new approach for people looking to buy and sell their home which will save home owners money and put them back in control of the process.

Betterway Real Estate‘s fixed and fair fee model is facilitated through a smartphone application that connects all suppliers in the home sale journey digitally, 24/7.

Betterway CEO Luke Pervan said against an uncertain market, it was time for a shake up in the sector.

“There is currently a lot of market confusion and complexity for the consumer; we believe there’s room for a new model,” Mr Pervan said.

“By focusing on ‘selling fair’, we’re providing a model that can save home owners a significant amount of money while putting them back in control, alongside delivering value for buyers and our agents.”

Betterway Real Estate offers two fixed-fee options for people looking to sell their house: a basic package of $9,500 and a premium $14,500. On an average house sale this model can save owners between 30 and 60 per cent on fees.

The company meets the needs of agents, buyer and sellers ā€“ with no defined ‘office hours’ or traditional bricks ā€“ providing the flexibility to meet when and where it suits their busy lives.

By doing away with overheads such as bricks and mortar shop fronts, Mr Pervan said Betterway Real Estate is able to cut down on costs that traditional real estate agents incur and pass those savings onto the consumer. This is supported through a media partnership, app and a phone-based team located in Sydney on hand for general enquiries and scheduling free appraisals.

The brand is set to launch in Wollongong, Newcastle, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast with hand-picked teams of agents with a proven track record in their region and extensive local market knowledge.

“The regional markets of Australia often get left behind their city counterparts and we think there’s a great opportunity to provide those markets and consumers with this new model,” Mr Pervan said.

“The fixed-fee model is emerging around the world demonstrating significant customer demand for transparency on fees and honest, open communication with agents.”

The company has strong investor backing with a board made up of experienced media professionals including Andrew Gordon, Peter Moore and Ian Murray.

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