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Property managers upskill with new investment portfolio manager course

Laing+Simmons is officially celebrating the first batch of graduates to complete its Investment Portfolio Manager course aimed at upskilling property managers.

As part of the company’s comprehensive training program, the Investment Portfolio Manager course was introduced as a stand-alone qualification that retrains and upskills property managers with broader knowledge and expertise in the investment side of property management.

Laing+Simmons Chief Executive Officer Leanne Pilkington said the Investment Portfolio Manager course will help take property managers to another level.

“Investment Portfolio Manager is designed to add further value to customers, drive additional income for offices, and create more opportunities and additional career pathways for existing property managers and those interested in a career in the field,” Ms Pilkington said.

“We were proud to honour our inaugural Investment Portfolio Manager graduates at our ‘Tropical Christmas’ event last week.

“We congratulate everyone on their achievement and most importantly, on taking their career at Laing+Simmons to the next level.”

The 2022 class comprised 15 property managers from across Laing+Simmons and is designed to equip them on advanced topics such as positive and negative gearing and depreciation schedules to better understand the investment landscape over a 12-month period.

The Investment Portfolio Manager course is part of the broader Laing+Simmons training program, which includes a strong focus on property management.

For the network’s property managers, the Laing+Simmons training platform comprises PM Fundamentals, which covers the core skills of property management for first year team members, The PM Connection, which is peer-to-peer learning and PM Conference, which cements learning across all property managers in the network while providing opportunities to share experiences.

Ms Pilkington says the platform will expand in 2023.

Laing+Simmons also recently boosted its corporate team with the appointment of Michael Anania as Head of Property Management, to lead the company’s provision of a full property management service to its offices.

“Investment Portfolio Manager is a critical part of our training and development regime because we believe it’s important to ensure all our team members are armed with the best knowledge and tools to effectively manage an investment property, while providing guidance and advice to add value to clients in line with our core values,” Mr Anania said.

“The success of the course and the achievements of our graduates demonstrates how receptive to training our team is, and the value of bringing people together to learn and grow.

“Looking ahead, we have built out an even more in-depth training schedule for next year that encompasses all facets of property management.”

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