Property Council calls for economic recovery strategy to focus on housing

The Property Council of Australia said a strong pipeline of housing, of varying types and in many locations, is needed to help the people of NSW.

The Announcement:

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the Economic Recovery Strategy announced by the NSW Government but has called on the government to further guarantee the economic recovery through a housing-led recovery.

NSW Executive Director Luke Achterstraat welcomed the overall measures in the economic recovery strategy including the $183m announced for social housing but said the opportunity for a broader housing-led recovery should not be missed.

“The most recent lockdowns have cost NSW over $50 billion. To have an enduring and effective recovery we need further reform to drive a housing-led recovery,” Mr Achterstraat said.

“We need a strong and sustainable pipeline of housing in many locations of a variety of types to support the people of NSW. This requires the supply and provision of properly planned land. A housing-led recovery through faster and more streamlined approvals in NSW can assist our economic recovery from the pandemic.

“We need the twin engines of property and construction firing on both cylinders to provide the economic stimulus NSW needs on the back of the pandemic. The housing industry provides thousands of job opportunities for a wide range of professions, for all ages and skills levels, from apprentices to engineers to architects.

“The COVID-19 lockdowns have highlighted the security and safety a home and a job provide. On this basis, the Property Council calls on the Premier of NSW to establish a ‘Premier’s Priority’ to fast-track the supply and range of housing across NSW.”

Mr Achterstraat said industry would continue to work with the Premier.

“We look forward to the Premier focusing on strategies to increase the housing supply that NSW so desperately needs. Never has the need for housing and jobs been more important than during this pandemic, and a housing led recovery can bring jobs and homes to the state.”

Source: Property Council of Australia 

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