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Pitching for a sale: Cole Hamels former estate on the market

A luxurious estate sprawling over 104 acres in Missouri, originally constructed by MLB icon and World Series MVP Cole Hamels, is now on the market for $14.5 million.

This expansive property, despite its grandeur, presents a unique twist: it remains unfinished.

The Robb Report highlights that Hamels, who retired last year, initiated the construction of this colossal mansion in West Branson in 2016 during his tenure with the Texas Rangers.

Despite initially listing the property for sale in 2017, Hamels and his wife gifted it to Camp Barnabas, a Christian summer camp for children with disabilities, before its completion.

In February 2021, the estate found new ownership under Samuel and Simona Bodea, proprietors of the Arizona-based trucking company, SS Express.

The Bodeas have undertaken significant renovations over the past three years.

The property, featuring a 3344sq m main residence alongside a guest house, now boasts 14 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.

Under the Bodeas’ stewardship, the mansion has been repurposed into a high-end event space, ideal for hosting weddings or corporate events, with the owners residing in an adjacent five-bedroom, six-bathroom annex.

Significant upgrades include the installation of underground plumbing, new electrical systems, and a striking tiered infinity pool.

The kitchen, spanning 185sq m on the main floor, epitomises the estate’s opulence.

The Bodeas have introduced a cutting-edge automation system throughout the home, allowing for voice-controlled amenities, including temperature-regulated showers, showcasing the mansion’s blend of luxury and technology.

Samuel Bodea revealed that while the estate nears completion, there remains room for the new owners to personalise the space further.

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