Peloton brings connected fitness to luxury accommodation

Peloton checks into hotels to support the fitness and wellbeing needs of Australians when they travel.

The Announcement:

Following 2021’s highly anticipated launch of Peloton in Australia, the leading interactive fitness platform that pioneered connected, technology-enabled fitness, will continue its expansion with Peloton Commercial to serve members on the road, as well as at home.

The Australian hospitality industry has been quick to embrace connected fitness and incorporate Peloton into their wellbeing offering, with Peloton Commercial now working with over 30 properties across more than 20 boutique and premium brands from around the country, including five-star luxury hotel, the Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour.

As international travel opens up and as business travel returns, more and more Australians are looking for ways to stay active whilst travelling. Peloton’s pioneering connected fitness experience enables hotel guests to access thousands of live and on-demand classes, choosing from 10+ fitness disciplines, all taught by a roster of 50+ elite global Peloton Instructors.

Betsy Webb, Vice President, Commercial at Peloton Interactive said: “Since 2012, Peloton has been at the forefront of connected fitness, making it easier for our Members to access a wide range of workouts taught by the very best Instructors, all while offering real-time motivation that enables people to exercise when and where it’s most convenient.

“Businesses continue to tell us about the importance of wellness to their guests, employees, and residents. As we continue to expand our presence in Australia, we look forward to introducing Peloton to even more locations.”

Seizing the opportunity to make Peloton a part of its premium guest wellness experience, Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour has added three Peloton Bikes to its Fitness Centre, and is offering an enhanced experience that provides guests with the convenience and privacy of using a Bike in their own room.

Owner of Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour, Dr Jerry Schwartz, said: “As a leading luxury hotel, we are deeply committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our guests. We are investing in establishing Sydney’s premier urban wellness retreat, and see working with Peloton as an opportunity to delight both domestic and international travellers as they return to our hotel.”

Accessing Peloton on the road

Globally, Peloton hardware is available in 1,700+ hotels and 1,900+ corporate gyms and offices, plus a number of short-stay luxury rental properties around the world. The Australian hotel locations can be found on the Peloton Hotel Finder, which also lists numerous destinations in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. This interactive map features hundreds of hotels across Australia that offer Peloton Bikes, enabling Australians to find hotels with direct access to Peloton’s leading connected fitness experience.

Peloton Commercial’s Offering

Peloton welcomes the opportunity to work with other hospitality and commercial businesses to support their clients’ needs in providing flexible guest wellness experiences. Also seeing the benefits of Peloton’s digital fitness experience are leading residential property developers who are looking to include Peloton as an in-apartment wellness package.

In North America alone, Peloton Members have logged over 1 million hours of workouts in hotel locations, further demonstrating the potential for the Australian hospitality industry to leverage Peloton’s ultimate fitness experience. As the Australian hospitality sector navigates fitness in the post-Covid era, in-room Peloton Bikes also prove a great way to ensure comfort and cleanliness for guests.

To help luxury short term accommodation partners as well as residential and commercial properties create world-class connected fitness experiences, Peloton Commercial works with hotel partners to offer in-room Peloton Bike experiences, creating an even more convenient workout environment for their clients. To partner with Peloton Commercial in Australia, contact or dial 1800 952 535.

Local pricing and availability

Loved by millions, the Peloton Bike is available as part of Peloton’s Commercial Bike bundle, which enables both existing Peloton Members and first-time users to experience the Bike in a communal space. For each Bike this bundle includes slip-in pedals for users without cycling cleats, inclusive of a year’s Commercial Bike Membership subscription for the venue, which allows an infinite number of users to create their own free account when they ride.

Source: Peleton

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