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O*NO Legal’s new webinar tackles start-ups and early growth

With more and more real estate agents opting to start their own agency it’s increasingly important to understand the options available, and how to stay on track.

That’s why the latest webinar from O*NO Legal – The Real Estate Agent’s Lawyer – is dedicated entirely to those considering going out on their own, as well as those navigating the early stages of self-employment.  

 “If you are in real estate and are thinking of opening your own agency, or if you have already done so and been in business less than two years, then this webinar is for you,”  O*NO Legal Founder Kristen Porter said.

“Whether you want to build a valuable asset for your future, are sick of being told what to do or tired of making your boss rich, you are in the right place,” she said.

Ms Porter said the webinar would also provide critical advice for business newcomers, advising them of the legal ‘must haves’ they need in start-up and growth mode and throughout the business life-cycle.

Starting your agency and building a valuable asset needs a solid legal foundation,” Ms Porter said.

“And that’s regardless of whether you are just starting up, or have been in business a short time. 

“Agencies have very different needs as the business progresses through the different stages, and it can be confusing as to when you should address each operational and legal element.”

The O*NO Legal webinar will teach participants how to protect their agency as they go about growing their revenue and equity value. 

“If you are in real estate and want to start and grow your agency, build a valuable asset that is saleable and know when you need to take action, this webinar will provide all the information you need,” Ms Porter said.

As well as understanding the legal essentials required as your business develops, the webinar will also show you why sorting your legals will increase the value of your agency and have you ‘sale ready’ at all times.

It will also cover the factors you’ll need to consider if you are going into business alone as opposed to with others, as well as what you need to do to create and protect your brand, and what corporate structure is best for you.

Participants will also have access to O*NO Legal’s free checklist to future proof your start-up journey.

“Getting your start-up right from the start will ensure success down the track with your new agency,” Ms Porter said.

“We understand that establishing a new business can be daunting, so that’s why we’ve put together a free checklist to guide you.  

“Our Start-up checklist is designed to ensure you don’t miss any important steps when it comes to opening your new real estate agency.”

Tailored for the real estate industry, O*NO Legal’s checklist will provide you with actionable steps you can implement straight away, including the steps you need to take to: 

  • get your business structure, legals, tax, financial and operations sorted 
  • future proof your relationships with your partners, clients and staff, and
  • protect your agency and digital assets 

“And so much more,” Ms Porter said.   

Ready to get started? Tune into the free webinar at a time that suits you over this holiday break.

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