NPS positions Laing+Simmons as a global standout

Laing+Simmons has achieved a result of over 80 using the internationally-recognised Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric.

The Announcement:

After nearly 12 months operating under its new ownership structure, the programs and initiatives implemented by Laing+Simmons have had a game-changing impact on its people, with the company officially achieving “world-class” results of over 80 using the internationally-recognised Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric.

Laing+Simmons recently surveyed members of its network using NPS, widely regarded as the leading tool to measure customer experience, for the purpose of gauging the success of the initiatives, programs, training and innovations it introduced for its people through 2021.

The “customers” in the exercise were anonymous members of the Laing+Simmons team across all levels of seniority and experience, from office principals, directors, managers, administration support, seasoned agents and property managers, through to people new to the industry and the company.

Respondents were asked how comfortable they were with the new ownership, and how likely they would be to recommend Laing+Simmons as a brand to join.

Scores of 84.6 for the first question and 83.1 for the second both rank in the “world-class” category (NPS of 80+) and among all respondents, there was not a single “detractor”.

NPS can range from a low of -100, where every customer is a detractor, to a maximum of 100, where every customer is a promoter.

Any positive score can be considered good, but the Laing+Simmons results position the company at the very top not just in real estate, but for organisations in all sectors, and not just in Australia, but globally.

“The different initiatives we’ve introduced across all parts of the business have been designed first and foremost to better support our principals and their teams, and to motivate, educate and celebrate our people. Our people are therefore the most important benchmark for the success of these initiatives,” says Laing+Simmons CEO Leanne Pilkington.

“We’re proud to achieve world-leading scores using the NPS metric not only because it validates the investment we’ve made in our people, but because we know the initiatives and programs are resonating through the network to deliver tangible, positive impacts,” she says.

This year, Laing+Simmons has implemented a new strategic plan, launched a range of training and development programs, formalised new corporate partnerships, introduced new customer services and revenue streams, and grown its Corporate team. Jackie Jones has recently taken on the expanded role of Head of Operations and Strategic Partnerships.

“This year has been a new line in the sand for Laing+Simmons. Now we know we’re on the right track and providing the elevated levels of franchisor support we envisaged, our challenge is to keep improving,” Ms Pilkington says.

“In 2022, and beyond, that will be our focus.”

Source: Laing+Simmons

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