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New Rexlabs technology takes the hassle out of database targeting

Since COVID-19 hit Australian shores more than 18 months ago, securing listings has become increasingly tough for real estate agents. 

With demand far exceeding supply, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd if you want to attract sellers. 

The answer? High quality marketing. But what good is marketing if it’s not reaching the right audience?

Real Estate agents aren’t starting from scratch when it comes to knowing who to target. 

In fact, most agents have a huge database of contacts from which to draw from, all of whom are potential sellers, or buyers. 

“Agents spend a lot of time meeting people, and when they advertise, they want to spend time and money targeting people they’ve already built relationships with,” Rexlabs Chief Executive Officer, Anton Babkov said.

“That’s why we’ve recently updated Spoke to allow agents to upload the data from their CRM to create audiences they actually want to target with digital advertising.”

A self-learning digital ad platform that combines social media, display and retargeting options, Spoke allows you to keep yourself front of mind, without getting on anyone’s nerves. 

“Say you have potential sellers that you don’t want to hammer with phone calls, but do want to quietly nudge,” Mr Babkov said.

“Spoke allows you to do that, by creating soft campaigns that will be seen organically by those audiences.”

Facebook is able to reverse engineer a person’s online identity, meaning agents can choose their own audience with dedicated campaigns; it could be it potential landlords, marketing a property to a specific type of buyer, or a new listing campaign which reaches potential sellers. 

“If you think about the overall objective of an agent when embarking on a marketing campaign, what they’re trying to do is build credibility,” Mr Babkov said. 

“So, they want to show they’re doing good business, that they’re achieving good outcomes.” 

Spoke allows you to launch a targeted campaign that you know will reach the right people. 

For example, you might run a ‘just sold’ campaign, and make sure it gets seen by potential sellers. 

Or you might target your appraisal database with any new listings that you’re advertising through Spoke. 

“So, there’s a benefit to using Vendor Paid Advertising to target potential future sellers as well as future buyers. There’s also a benefit for your current sellers in your targeting listing ads to your database of future sellers; people tend to move within a five to 10 kilometre  radius of where they live – so your database of future sellers may also contain a buyer for your current listing,” Mr Babkov said. 

The key difference with Spoke’s targeted marketing ability, is that you’re able to expose yourself to the people you want to do business with both now, and in the future, through your advertising. 

“Because the sales cycle is so long – it could be eight to 10 years before a buyer will sell their property – Spoke’s target marketing is a way to passively target those people without being in their face.”

But it’s not all up to the agent. 

Spoke has its own comprehensive audiences of potential buyers and sellers, built leveraging industry smarts, and the power of Facebook and Google’s machine learning algorithms.

“So, the agent’s CRM is in addition to the audiences that we have to drive forward the digital campaign,” Mr Babkov said. 

“Within that, you also have the capacity to create campaigns that target people who are closer to sale or purchase. 

“By identifying people who are giving signs they’re likely to sell in the next few months, agents can create targeted campaigns that are content driven, such as resource downloads, or testimonials etc.”

By using Spoke for your digital campaigns, you’ll also avoid having to navigate the process required to build and maintain advertisements manually on Facebook or Google. 

“With Spoke, it’s a 10 second process – super quick, and super easy.”

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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