New state CEO for Harcourts Western Australia

Shane Kempton with bring a special set of skills to his new role, which include working on mindset and mental conditioning, empowering people to become more internally driven, fulfilled and capable of handling any ritual external to them.

The Announcement:

Shane Kempton has been announced as the new State CEO of Harcourts Western Australia.

“It’s great to welcome him back into blue,” smiles Harcourts Australia CEO Adrian Knowles.

“Shane, just like us, is passionate about the Harcourts brand and excited about joining the team again.”

“Harcourts started my corporate career 15 years ago, when we launched the brand in Western Australia”, remarks Mr Kempton, “so for both my wife Lara and myself, it feels like coming home”. 

A high-performance coach, Mr Kempton has experienced life and business from many perspectives and at the highest level. From serving his country as a soldier working with the Australian SAS, being business owner of Australia’s number 1 real estate office, CEO of three national real estate groups, and author of the book Your Best Days Are Ahead Of You, Mr Kempton brings special skills to his new role.Specifically, he works on mindset and mental conditioning, empowering people to become more internally driven, fulfilled and capable of handling any situation external to them. 

“Character creates destiny for individuals, and culture determines destiny for organisations, therefore it is a privilege to be leading and serving Harcourts in WA once again and returning to the real estate group that leads the way in culture and values,” explains Mr Kempton.

“I believed in our vision 15 years ago, and I feel even more compelled and committed to it now. The industry and our clients deserve the ‘finest real estate experience’, and here at Harcourts, we can deliver this.”

“That Shane is so in-tune with the Harcourts values, our focus on its people, coupled with his considerable real estate experience, made appointing him for the CEO position in WA an obvious choice,” continues Mr Knowles.

“It’s great that he has the opportunity to build upon the fine work the previous CEO’s have done, and of course the foundation that the State Support Team have laid, who are pillars of strength and loyalty.”

Mr Kempton agrees: “Be it ‘leadering’, coaching, parenting, partnering or friending, there is no greater joy than seeing the effect your positive impact has on someone you care about.”

Happily married with 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren (who affectionately call him Grand-Dude), Mr Kempton continues to learn, grow and share, knowing both his and your “best days are ahead of you”.

Source: Harcourts Group Australia

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