New software solution launched with Jeffery Gray as CEO

Jeffery Gray has been appointed the CEO of a new end-to-end real estate software solution called Propic.

Mr Gray has previously worked with companies such as Dexar Group and will now work alongside Propic COO Peter Hutchison, leading a team of 40 with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

In a statement, the company noted that to date, Software as a Service (SaaS) startups had only been addressing one part of the software problem at a time, which lead to agents using multiple software programs to conduct business.

The company is aiming to streamline processes by gathering multiple proptech innovations and funneling them into one platform using cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence.

According to Propic, real estate professionals will be able to use the software to work 24/7 using cloud technology and draw on a data lake to target prospecting more accurately.

Agents will also be able to use the software to follow up enquiries, refer customers to third parties, exchange information via a chatbot, and create scalability with fewer people.

“Propic solves the problems of different programs for different tasks in real estate, which up until recently operated in isolation.

“Virtual sales agents, marketing, prospecting, digital twins and connections to smart buildings can now be integrated, transforming real estate businesses to deliver optimum customer experiences across all channels,” Mr Gray said.

Mr Gray continued the software would also enable agents to predict customer needs and optimise cross-selling opportunities, using the channel that the data predicts an individual customer would prefer.

The software has already been trialled on projects in Canberra such as The Grounds, where a machine learning capable chatbot recognised the flow of customers’ questions, based on an expanding data lake, then pre-empted responses.

The company says it succeeded in understanding context and conducted real-time conversations with customers, which lead to some apartments being sold with no human interaction until the customer was ready to sign the deal.

Propic COO Peter Hutchison noted the capacity for Propic to improve the work/life balance for agents was “not insignificant”.

“It’s perhaps the most important benefit,” he reflected. “By taking responsibility for an ever-growing range of tasks, Propic can free up a considerable amount of an agent’s time for them to focus on new areas, new services, their customers and their own wellbeing.”

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