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New real estate platform to help vendors sell without agent fees

A new real estate platform is set to shake up the traditional role of a sales agent, offering vendors the ability to sell their property without paying real estate agency fees.

Founded by Andy Dunn and Josh Luschwitz, Wavie enables owners to put their property on the market and get the sale done without the need for an agent, and in the process save thousands on commissions and fees. 

Wavie Co-founder and Managing Director, Mr Luschwitz said Wavie aimed to give vendors more choice.

“Wavie has been born from firsthand experiences and the mutual dissatisfaction with the outdated practices of many agents and substantial fees that characterise traditional property sales,” Mr Luschwitz said. 

“As a result, Wavie has emerged as an innovative solution set to transform the real estate landscape. 

“We saw a glaring need for a platform that places property owners at the helm of their transactions, providing them with unparalleled control, absolute transparency, and substantial savings in their property-selling journey.”

The DIY platform offers homeowners simple plans, with services that support them in selling their property themselves, with prices starting from $6995 for homes up to $500,000 and up to $14,995 for homes above $1.5 million.

Services include support, listings on sales platforms, conveyancing, photography, social media and signage and digital marketing, which will give homeowners all the support they need to sell their property themselves.

Mr Luschwitz, a Sydney-based agent himself, said property owners needed more choice on how they spend their money to sell their homes.

“As the homeowner, you know your property better than anyone else,” he said.

“You also understand the value of time and money and therefore should have the ability to make choices around where you spend your money when selling your property.”

Mr Luschwitz said the platform would save vendors tens of thousands of dollars and provide people with the same outcome as using a real estate agent. 

“If you have the time to undertake sales activities yourself and access to a platform that equips you with all the tools and assistance, then why not take this route,” he said.

“The platform is easy to use, highly intuitive and importantly, equipped with everything you need to undertake a successful, cost-effective sales campaign that ultimately puts more of the sale funds back into your pocket.”

Mr Luschwitz said despite the launch of the new platform, it won’t change the need for sales agents.

“As a real estate agent, I have been asked why I am doing myself out of a job,” he said.

“The answer is, I am not. 

“The market will always need full-service real estate agents like myself, but it is also time for an Uberised real estate selling service that enables property owners to do more of the work themselves.”

He said he will also continue to run his real estate agency, Luschwitz.

“This new platform by no means serves to attack or denigrate agents, I see this new service as an alternative option for people who also see the potential of this type of platform,” he said.

The platform will launch in the first quarter of 2024.

“We are planning to have our first clients on board in early 2024 to join in our vision to leverage new technology such as AI and create a new business model for users seeking to sell their properties and bypass having to engage an agent for the job,” he said.

“There are several ‘for sale by owner’ products already in the market; however, they offer limited technology and services as part of their platforms. 

“Wavie will provide a completely different way for people to buy and sell houses.”

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a senior journalist at Elite Agent specialising in finance and real estate.