New network manager to support Raine & Horne’s Queensland expansion

Raine & Horne has recruited experienced property specialist Ken Baker as its new network manager in Queensland.

The Announcement:

Leading real estate brand Raine & Horne has landed a major score with the appointment of experienced real estate professional Ken Baker as its new Network Manager in Queensland. 

Steve Worrad, General Manager, Raine & Horne QLD, who helped recruit Mr Baker to Raine & Horne, said he was delighted to work with the skilled corporate management specialist again. Mr Worrad and Mr Baker previously worked together in corporate management roles with another real estate brand. 

“We have worked extremely well together previously and will collaborate to continue the exponential growth of the Raine & Horne brand in Queensland,” Mr Worrad said. 

In a stellar career that started in real estate sales in Ballarat, Mr Baker has launched an independent office, overseen that office’s transition to a franchise group before embarking on a successful management career in banking and real estate. 

Mr Baker said, “After selling out of my real estate office in 2009, I was recruited by Westpac as a branch manager in Ballarat. Westpac wanted a high-profile local business owner to head up a branch, and the bank approached me. 

“The bank was running a campaign to bring back the branch manager as an important part of the community, and the Westpac CEO at the time, Gail Kelly, was heavily involved with the campaign. 

“Westpac changed the way it did its banking and introduced the café style banking that is now commonplace, and Gail Kelly was a fantastic person to learn from, while she seemed to like the fact I came from real estate into banking.

“Our branch ended up being the most successful branch in Victoria firing the period I was there.” 

However, the appeal of real estate was too strong, and Mr Baker returned to the industry in 2012 and has enjoyed significant corporate roles, including a management role in Queensland with his previous employer.

The appeal of real estate and Raine & Horne 

Raine & Horne’s new Network Manager in Queensland says the dynamic nature of real estate and the fact every day is different is central to his almost 35-year property career. 

“I love working in a corporate role as you can make a difference in the careers of so many people,” Mr Baker said.

“It’s not easy being the principal of an independent office, and I know as I have been there. I delight in being able to influence what principals may or may not do in business. 

“Having been a business owner gives me instant credibility as I have sat in our principal’s chairs, especially I advanced my start-up from zero property managements to 550 and built an equivalent turnover of a gross commission income (GCI) of $10 million today.”

As for joining Raine & Horne, Mr Baker said he’s excited by the opportunities for growth. “We are looking to expand our offices in more Brisbane metro locations in Queensland and have plenty of irons in the fire,” he said.

“I also believe that with its genuine culture of family ownership with the Raine’s at the helm appeals, especially as others claim to be family-run businesses but just aren’t. 

“But it’s not just culture that sets Raine apart but also our extensive and industry-leading toolkit of products and services such as social media marketing platform Amplify and online proposal and pre-listing platform Digikit that put us ahead of the pack. 

“These products are way beyond what our competitors are offering and are supporting our expansion plans in metro Brisbane and regional Queensland.”

Source: Raine & Horne Group

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