New Digs for Harris Real Estate

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  • The new office in Kent Town was designed by Jen Harris, wife of Phil Harris
  • Follow Phil Harris around on a guided tour in the attached video

Exciting news for the team at Harris Real Estate in South Australia as they unveil a new office in Kent Town. The new permanent home for their growing operations has seen the complete refurbishment of a two storeys commercial building creating a bespoke environment for the Harris brand to live.

The design of the project was led by Jen Harris, wife of Managing Director Phil Harris. Jen has a real estate career spanning 11 years and was able to blend her insights of operations and the Harris business along with design elements and advice from a local interior designer, The Travelling Stylist.

“[It was] A dream of being able to create an inspiring environment for our team – something they would be quite proud of,” said Jen Harris, who worked on the project during maternity leave. “We treated it as though we were building our own home”.

Much of the design of the new space is “inspired by travel,” said Jen. “We also travelled to 2-3 states in one day looking at fit outs and gaining inspiration”.

The office has a downstairs concept area that is devoted to clients. “Downstairs is high-end and has a residential “home feel” and we used furniture to create lots of comfort – whereas upstairs is staff focussed and fun,” said Jen.

“Meeting rooms are names that are fun places to go, ‘Lets go meet in the Bahamas,’ said Jen of the name of one of their meeting rooms. The other meeting rooms which have themed décor include The Hamptons, The Forest, and The Library – each of those rooms is fit-out to reflect the theme.

Take a tour of the new digs here

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