New database offers first ever Landlord Report Card

In an Australian first, LIDA (Australasia) – Landlord and Investor Database for Agents – has developed a Landlord Report Card, giving property managers insight into landlords before they take them on as clients.

Up until now, landlords have had the ability to swap and change agencies and property managers at will, with no information available to the new management on the landlord, whether positive or negative. This has resulted in property managers having to go in blind to the agreement, with no knowledge of a landlord’s previous history. The report card will give information about landlords in relation to their communication, response times, maintenance, tenant applications and much more.

LIDA is focused on giving property managers the tools to decipher for themselves whether their prospective landlord is an asset or in fact a liability to their business, allowing them to be better prepared beforehand.

“After many years in the real estate industry, I was amazed someone had not already done this,” said Marika Saliba, founder of LIDA.

“Coming back into real estate after time in another sector and dealing with some equally difficult and fantastic landlords, I decided the time is now. It is time to give some power back to the agents, and make some landlords more accountable for their actions.”

LIDA has launched this week Australia-wide, with a tenant report card database in production to follow soon. According to the LIDA website, the report card is being offered for an introductory price of $365 for a 12-month subscription.

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