More than one in five Australians regularly leave their home unlocked

New Canstar research shows 12 per cent of people also regularly leave their car unlocked.

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Millions of Australians are at risk of being burgled, with over a fifth regularly leaving their home unlocked, reveals new research from Canstar.

A new Canstar survey of 1,036 Australians reveals that 22 per cent – equivalent to 4.4 million people – fail to routinely lock their property’s doors, windows or garage, while 12 per cent – equivalent to 2.4 million people – regularly leave their vehicle unlocked.

Canstar analysis of the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistic figures found that 238,100 households (2.4 per cent) experienced a break-in between February 2019 to February 2020. Of this group, 71 per cent had items stolen while 48 per cent experienced property damage.

The most commonly stolen items according to the ABS include personal possessions such as jewellery or clothing (25 per cent), money, purses or wallets (19 per cent) and tools (17 per cent).

Despite some Australians’ nonchalant attitude to home security, Canstar’s survey found that over a quarter (28 per cent) are without home and/or contents insurance, meaning they’d be liable to foot the bill for stolen valuables or property damage in the event of a break-in.

Steve Mickenbecker, Canstar’s finance expert, says “The financial repercussions of a burglary can be significant, and failing to take simple precautionary measures like locking your front door puts both your home and valuables at risk and can even void your cover.”

“It’s concerning to see that more than a quarter of Australians are without the added protection of either home or contents insurance. While insurance can’t prevent a break-from occurring, it can help to recoup the cost of stolen items or damaged property.

“If you reside close to the city or live in an area with a higher crime rate, additional security measures like sensor lights, security cameras or alarm systems can mitigate the risk of break-ins, and may earn you a discount on your home insurance premium.

“We all want to imagine the odds are in our favour, and while the chances of a break-in are low, the numbers show that hundreds of thousands of Australians fall victim to burgaries each year. Don’t risk being left high and dry by thieves – make sure you’re adequately covered and take reasonable precautions.”

Which providers offer the most outstanding value on home and contents insurance?

To help Australians find the right policy for them, Canstar recently released its 2021 Home and Contents Star Ratings Research. Of the 127 products and 52 providers assessed, Budget Direct, QBE and Westpac Group came out on top for combined Home and Contents insurance.

The research conducted by Canstar found that combined home and contents insurance policyholders could save between $351 and $2,467 on their average annual premium depending on their location, by choosing a 5-Star Rated policy, compared to the average of all rated policies on Canstar’s database.

“For those who do have home and contents insurance, make sure you’re getting the best deal. Make sure you consider other factors outside of cost alone, including the level of cover, risk exclusions and whether your provider offers discounts,” said Mickenbecker.

“You can typically switch insurance providers at any time, but if you want to avoid cancellation fees, it’s best to do this once your policy is up for renewal.

“Treat your renewal notice as a reminder to compare your policy and premiums with others, never allowing it to just run on without a little research.

“An afternoon of admin on the weekend is an easy trade off for a cheaper premium and protection against theft.”

Potential home and contents premium savings per state

Survey findings

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