Moratorium on evictions is not a free ride: Housing Minster

REIA president Adrian Kelly has welcomed clarification from Minister for Housing Michael Sukkar on what a moratorium on evictions means.

“A moratorium on evictions doesn’t mean rent is not payable, it is. If circumstances mean that payment in full is not possible, it is a holding off from payments, not a cancellation,” said Mr Kelly.

“It is for people who cannot pay at this time, not for those that can.

“If you can pay your rent now, you pay it.

“If you can’t pay your rent now, you have been given grace for six months, but will have to catch up when you are able to pay it again.”

Mr Kelly said the Minister for Housing reiterated what the REIA has advised recently, that you should be paying your rent.

View Minister Sukkar’s interview on ABC 24.

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Housing Minister Michael Sukkar recently on Sky News.

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Samantha McLean

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