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Million Dollar Agent: Is There a Pattern?

ARE THERE CERTAIN BEHAVIOURS exhibited by the top agents that put them ahead of the rest? Using the science of numbers, Greg Dickason analyses their activities and comes up with some interesting conclusions.

I HAVE HAD the opportunity to work with some amazing sales people across different industries, and I’ve seen first-hand that sales success is a lot more about hard work, discipline and a sense of humility than just having a magical personality or a born talent for sales.

Sales success is about constant dedication to achievement and the willingness to continuously learn and grow.

At CoreLogic we have accessed our big-data resources to analyse the usage patterns and the activities of top agents and their admin support, both in what they’re doing in the property market and what they’re doing on our systems. Interestingly, 92 per cent of the top 100 agents use our systems, and we classify 60 per cent of those as highintensity growth users.

Time after time, we’ve noticeda definite behavioural pattern occurring amongst our highfrequency users that shows which the standout top agents are. Let’s look at some of these behaviours.

Work ethic: Top sellers are much more active in their chosen profession than others are. We see more of them logging into our systems or using our mobile apps late night and early morning, and with deeper research behaviours. They go above and beyond for their clients and reap the rewards.

Great Service: Top sellers focus on a ‘customer comes first’ ethic. We’ve noticed that they respond quickly and openly to customers, reach out immediately with new information and then suggest alternative solutions when issues arise. What we also found very interesting was that a lot of the top sellers on our platforms also see the buyer as a customer. Some even went as far as helping potential buyers of their property find other, more suitable properties. One agent told me, “My goal is to help everyone in the transaction. Through my career I have found that being focused on everyone winning has the best outcome and makes me feel good about myself. GCI follows but is not my focus. Customer first, commission second.”

Constant and open communication: Top sellers don’t keep anyone guessing. They make sure that everyone in on a deal knows its status, and constantly check in on buyers and vendors. CoreLogic’s beta-testing of our new mobile app showed top sellers using the ‘Send report’ feature extensively. It is an instant service response to a customer’s needs: good service and constant communication combined.

Humility and approach: Top sellers attend training and ask questions; they observe others and learn from them. They don’t believe that they have all the answers. Time and time again I have presented on our solutions at different venues and, without fail, the agents who come up and ask more questions and learn more are both naturally humble and constantly questioning. And these same agents are the winners in their markets.

Attitude, sharing and growth: Top sellers may be humble and easy to work with, but they also have attitude! And by attitude, I mean they are confident in themselvesand in their ability, and don’t easily take no for an answer. Without fail they share their experiences and are open to others and to helping others, but remain constantly focused on their own growth and on maintaining a ‘go forward’ attitude. When working with a top agent a few weeks ago, our meeting started to drift and the conversation became unproductive. It didn’t take him long to pull us back to the topic and get momentum – in a nice and clearly focused way.

At CoreLogic we are very lucky to be able to view the behaviours and the results for agents across the country, working with some of the top agents to give them better solutions to their market challenges.

As the world changes and consumers demand more, it is comforting to know that, no matter where technology takes us, selling is still a human business. And great sellers are brilliant at the human touch: communication, humility, service, work ethic and an open, sharing attitude. I am lucky to have worked with people like that.

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