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Megan Van Hoeyen: Know every client

Ray White Mt Gravatt PM Megan Van Hoeyen shares why she believes property managers could take a leaf out of car salespeople’s books.

On getting into real estate
I think I chose real estate as a kid. My first memories include the unique houses that Mum and Dad nearly bought, so while still in high school I started creating connections.

On graduation day I called the business owner of Ray White Shailer Park and arranged my apprenticeship. It took a few years to realise I was a property manager at heart, and I have now been doing property management for 10 years. 

The happiest moment in my career
In 2011, I received the best new talent, a Ray White award for new property managers to their network.  In 2017, I was promoted to head of department when my current head of department went on maternity leave. Both moments were very memorable for me. 

The most memorable moment
When I worked with another network in Beaudesert, I managed a little secluded cottage over a tight hill on a long dirt road.

The owner would pick the property managers up at the start of the dirt road to drive us to the routines so we didn’t have to drive over the hill. 

Best advice she’s received
Be proactive not reactive. 

Biggest challenge
Continued Risk Management. While everyone is worried about the risk of technology, I see an increase in expectations around condition and maintenance of homes, along with a readiness to take things further quickly.

I believe continued training around identifying probable issues and conflict resolution is a must.

Long-term maintenance plans are like service plans in a car – it’s expected by every car owner they will need to service the car; it should be expected by every owner they will need to maintain and upgrade their homes.

I would also love to see more updates or ready information on insurance claims and settlements in the property industry to assist with identification and prevention of issues. 

Change for good?
Everyone talks about service and the customer experience, I would love to see actual service across the board so that as an industry we are taken more seriously and considered as the professionals we are. 

‘Elite’ agent means
An elite property manager owns their portfolio. They know every client, customer and property.

They can answer questions on call and will admit when they need more information or time to resolve an issue. The elite property manager knows that their rent roll is their resume and maintains it exceptionally.

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