Market Buy hires Will Farmer to run its US operation

Market Buy has welcomed a new recruit to lead its American operation as the online offer management company ramps up its rapid expansion into the US.

Will Farmer has been named as head of growth North America with Market Buy already used in sales in the US and many more still to come.

“It’s been exciting, we’ve been embedded in offices rolling out the software and prepping it for scale in the US,” Market Buy Chief Executive Officer John Hellaby said.

“We’ve now achieved that and we’re ready to introduce Market Buy to the US market at scale.

“To date, Market Buy has been used in sales in New York, Georgia, Minnesota and even Texas.”

The new position will be focused on growing Market Buy’s US market share.

“The entirety of North America, at all levels of real estate – corporate/brand level through to the brokerages and agent level.”

Mr Hellaby said Mr Farmer came with a stellar reputation.

“We’ve known Will for about three years and he was first mentioned as an ideal candidate for us as Covid hit and grounded us in Australia,” he said.

“We were always excited by what Will could bring to the Market Buy team and as soon as we were able to get back to the US, we reached out to Will and he was keen to come on board.

“The challenge of taking a new product to the US market really appealed to Will, especially one that goes a long way to removing friction from the offer process.”

When it comes to its US expansion, Mr Hellaby said Market Buy’s key goals were to streamline the workflow in the offer process by providing real-time communication.

“America is ready for this,” Mr Hellaby said. 

“Agents are struggling with the communication burden of an antiquated process that hasn’t been upgraded since Adam was a babe.” 

So far, the US reaction backs up that sentiment. 

“Really positive, we’ve had key meetings already with large brands and are in the process of rolling out a number of trials across the US,” Mr Hellaby said.

Will Farmer

“US Agents acknowledge there is friction in the offer process and that they want a solution for it.

“As with everything we do at Market Buy, we’re working through that friction point and tailoring the platform to solve the friction points each brand faces, streamlining the workflow and helping their agents list and sell more with greater efficiency and less cost.”

Mr Farmer’s experience includes 15 years working with as a leading national marketing consultant.

“In this role Will has worked with everybody in the industry at some point or other and understands the North American market to an exceptional level,” Mr Hellaby said.

“His background in marketing and sales, account management made him the perfect person to join Market Buy and drive our growth in North America.”

Mr Hellaby said Mr Farmer was well respected throughout North American real estate and had built incredible long-lasting relationships, along with a reputation for client support and service.

 “We’re excited to bring that level of client focus, knowledge, and acumen to Market Buy and to secure someone of Will’s experience and skill,” he said.

 “It’s a real coup for us, to secure the talents of someone like Will Farmer is huge for any company and considering the competition out there for his signature, it speaks volumes about what Market Buy is bringing to the US.”

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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