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Market Buy appoints Joel Dixon as chief technology officer

Online offer management pioneer, Market Buy, has announced the appointment of Joel Dixon in the newly created role of chief technology officer.

A solution architect and senior developer of more than 10 years, Mr Dixon has been with Market Buy for the past five years, spearheading most of the company’s technological advancements.

“This newly created role is an acknowledgement of the fantastic work he’s been doing from day one,” Market Buy Chief Digital Strategist, John Hellaby said.

“The chief technology officer will liaise directly with the chief executive officer with regards to all of the development in the company, all of the tech rollouts, as well as the technology infrastructure that our business runs on.

“Joel has been instrumental in the development and direction of Market Buy and it’s technology from day one.

“Essentially, he ensures that we continue to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible, while continuing to provide industry-leading technology and service to our clients.”

Mr Hellaby said the newly created role was in line with Market Buy’s moves in recent times to keep pace with the rapid growth the company is experiencing.

“Market Buy has experienced nearly 800 per cent growth between September 2019 and September 2021 and we need to ensure our structure supports that growth,” Mr Hellaby said.

“It’s vital as we continue to scale up, that our structure supports that growth and we’re putting the right people in the right roles.”

Mr Hellaby said Mr Dixon’s new role would enable him to formally spearhead Market Buy’s innovation.

“So much of what Market Buy is, and has become, over the last five years, is because of Joel Dixon and Dave Stewart working together on the front line,” he said.

“This gives him significantly more scope to embrace the opportunities that he sees within the team as they work with clients, and then to capitalise on that. Basically, streamlining his ability to innovate.

“This appointment is a further sign of growth and forward momentum for Market Buy.”

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