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Lisa Novak: Doing things differently

She’s only been in real estate sales for 18 months, but Novak Properties’ Lisa Novak is shaking things up by focusing on convenience for her clients – including offering three-minute appraisals

On getting into real estate
The short answer: I married a real estate agent. I’d always loved property so it was no wonder that I fell in love with a real estate agent and then the industry! I came into the industry as ‘a favour’ to assist with marketing in our then-brand-new agency, then moved into a general management role before taking the bull by the horns and moving full force into sales just 18 months ago. I hit the ground running writing huge figures in my first year. This is truly where my passion is. I felt it the moment I sat in my seat in the sales department and listed my very first property within hours of my new role. There’s no doubt I genuinely love what I do!

The happiest moment in my career
Listing my very first property. My husband was in the shower and I screamed so loud when I received the agreement that he came running out to see what was wrong. I was crying and couldn’t get the words out – I felt like a dancer who had always dreamed of dancing on Broadway and there I was dancing! I then sold that property within 24 hours. I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be!                                                    

The most memorable moment
I know it’s cliche to say all of them, however they all hold a very special place in my heart. See, I’m helping people, genuinely helping people for all kinds of reasons, and if I can get paid as a result of that, then lucky me! To choose one however, probably my most recent sale of a charming home in Dee Why that attracted some 40 groups at each open. I was selling for a vendor of mine who had to urgently leave to be with her terminally ill mother overseas. We got her an amazing result and it sold to such a beautiful couple. I cried when I called her to tell her, I was so happy I could help ease her pain.

Best advice she’s received
If you help people the money comes. This advice came from my Mum and she was right!

Biggest challenge
Innovation and convenience. I feel most agents are completely stuck in the dark ages. Many aren’t actively using social media to its full capacity and many are not making life convenient for their client. Open homes conducted on Wednesdays during the day – that’s convenient for the agent, not the client. And turnaround times on enquiries take way too long. These days, if clients have to wait more than 24 hours, it’s simply too long. The industry as a whole needs a shake up. The only way to do this is to create healthy competition and push agents out of their comfort zone, just as Uber did to the taxi industry and Deliveroo did to the food industry.

Change for good?
Agents who do things differently. If we’re all doing the same things then how can we expect a different result? More of a focus on social media and more of a focus on innovation and convenience for the client. For example, many clients need to wait how long to get an appraisal done on their property

I do a three-minute sms appraisal – ‘Sms me your property address and in just three minutes I will give you an approximate value of your property!’ This promotion is promoted via social media, email signatures, DL cards and the like. 

I then generate a full RP DATA report that is sent to the client within three minutes with an accompanying sms that states ‘please note this is an estimation only! If you would like a more accurate valuation I am available 24/7 to do a quick walk through your property’. Not only am I receiving vital information as an agent ie name, address and mobile numbers, I can deliver a super convenient and innovative products to clients.

‘Elite’ agent means
Someone who innovates and someone who helps make life easier for others without expecting anything in return.

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