Combined Franchise Services expands training program

The Complete Salesperson course will set Century 21 and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agents up for success in today’s changing market and for the future.

The Announcement:

Combined Franchise Services, which operates Century 21 as well as Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, is proud to announce that it has partnered with Lee Woodward and Realtair to bring its sales professionals digital access to the Complete Salesperson Course.

Every member of the Century 21 and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate networks will be provided with free access to the entire program.

The Complete Salesperson Course Digital is one of the most comprehensive online offerings available and will set C21 and BHGRE agents up for success in sales and business development in today’s changing market and for the future.

Featuring an incredible combination of tried and tested knowledge alongside the latest in techniques and technology, the volume of information available in the programme is unrivaled and can make a considerable difference to the success of an agent or business.

Additional interviews with some of the best real estate professionals in the industry providing first-hand accounts of how to be successful in today’s market completes the package for the network.

“Adding the program to our existing Video Learning Centre, University, Recharge Podcast and weekly training sessions gives our people so many options in terms of how they want to access continuing education and development resources – whether they learn by reading, watching or listening” said Andy Reid, Combined Franchise Services Head of Training.

Training and business support are both even more pivotal parts of the Century 21 network commitment through the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

“Now is the time for us to double-down on what we have always excelled at offering our members: the widest and most accessible training and development opportunities,” said Century 21 CEO, James Bell.

“Some agents have never experienced the breadth and depth of the correcting market we are moving into and we are committed to ensuring that our people stay ahead of the curve,” Mr Bell added. Combined Franchise Services has an established partnership with Realtair through the network’s early adoption of the Pitch and Sign products. They have also previously collaborated on product development with a bespoke digital SmartBook as part of their offering to agents.

Source: Combined Franchise Services

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