Laing+Simmons training program hits world-class mark

Leanne Pilkington, CEO of Laing+Simmons, said the company has improved and expanded its training efforts for 2023 based on input from the network’s property managers.

The Announcement:

At Laing+Simmons, 2022 has been the year of the real estate training revolution and to ensure the comprehensive and multi-faceted program is hitting the mark, the company turned to the internationally-recognised Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to quantify its success. The results are world-leading.

Three separate NPS surveys were undertaken within the team focusing on the new training program, with Laing+Simmons team members in sales and property management as well as the network principals reporting their honest and anonymous feedback.

Among sales team members, the Laing+Simmons training program recorded a score of 96. For property managers, the NPS was 65.5 and among the network principals, an NPS of 82.4 was reported.

For context, across all businesses and sectors globally, an NPS above “0” is good. Above 50 is excellent. Above 80 is world-class.

Harriet Saunders, Laing+Simmons Head of Growth & Development, says the outstanding results demonstrate the targeted value and individual attention the Laing+Simmons training program provides.

“Our ambitions were extremely lofty when we introduced our new training program at the start of the year. We have invested considerable time, resources, research and money into an-encompassing program which seeks to support and develop every person in our network, while growing the next generation of real estate professionals and industry leaders. After almost 12 months, the results are very encouraging,” Ms Saunders says.

“The NPS surveys clearly show that the range of initiatives are generating positive impacts on people and businesses, team members are highly engaged in the program, and for many, training is something they look forward to most each week.

“Now we know we’re on the right track, we’ll continue to evolve and enhance our suite of programs in 2023 and beyond, to ensure we continue to deliver a world-class employee experience and provide world class career opportunities,” she says.

For sales agents, the dialogue training and guest speaker insights were well-received according to the feedback collected through the NPS process.

Property managers responded to the focus on financial and depreciation information in relation to property investment, and the different financial structures available.

Embedded in the training program is the 12-month Investment Portfolio Manager course which culminates in a formal graduation to train, reward and retain senior property managers. The course equips senior property managers with knowledge on positive and negative gearing, depreciation schedules and other complex information, so they gain a more rounded understanding of investment, add additional value to their customers, and have a genuine option to advance their career in the field.

Through the NPS survey, property managers in the network also highlighted the many and varied issues property managers face in the current climate as requiring an ongoing focus in training.

Laing+Simmons CEO Leanne Pilkington says the company has drawn on feedback from the property managers in the network to enhance and expand its training initiatives in 2023. “This is the first year we have offered this level of structured and dedicated support for the property managers in the network, and the property management divisions of our offices, highlighted by the establishment of our dedicated property management department,” Ms Pilkington says.

“The lessons we’ve learned through this work will inform our training offer as we continue to evolve our programs and initiatives in the future. In 2023, we will launch multiple new programs aimed at property managers of all levels of experience,” she says.


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