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Laing+Simmons’ new partnership to deliver next level network support

Laing+Simmons has struck a new partnership aimed at delivering an expanded range of essential services to members of the Laing+Simmons family.

The partnership means those tasks which can distract business owners, principals, agents and property managers from their core focus of building a business and serving customers are taken care of.

The new partnership with David Taylor’s Agency Services Group will be branded as Laing+Simmons Agency Services and provide Laing+Simmons family members with a full range of support functions – from basic sales administration support through to full back-end office systems.

Whatever Laing+Simmons team members need or want, the support is tailored to the specific needs of the office.

Laing+Simmons Head of Network Growth Travis Wentriro said the new partnership will enable the company to offer a host of extra services to new and existing business owners in the Laing+Simmons network.

“It’s our role to provide the most comprehensive support system to our network so our people can focus on serving their customers in the best possible way,” Mr Wentriro said.

“Laing+Simmons Agency Services gives our people more tools and support for them to succeed in this dynamic market, in which every competitive advantage can make a real difference.”

On the sales side, Laing+Simmons Agency Services can provide PA support, pre-listing support, listing and post-sale administration, sales trust administration and marketing management, as well as training, phone and locum support.

From a property management perspective, Laing+Simmons Agency Services offers the full scope of operational support, including tenant applications, all inspections, leases and keys, maintenance, rent and arrears management, trust accounting, as well as relationship management and compliance support.

“As our growth plans roll out, we remain committed to investing on behalf of our network in the types of systems and resources that can deliver new cost and time efficiencies that offer our people flexibility and let them do what they do best,” Mr Wentriro said.

“It’s about offering resources, not imposing rules.”

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