Kylie Walsh celebrates first anniversary of REGROWTH with triple treat hire

On the first anniversary of REGROWTH Coaching and Consultancy, Founder Kylie Walsh has named two new directors and a business manager to help facilitate demand and continue a strong growth trajectory. 

“We have been overwhelmed by our growth and support from industry and the greater business community over the last 12 months from real estate agents and agencies, corporate partners and the insurance and finance sector,” Ms Walsh said. 

“My initial vision was to apply my practical experience to provide bespoke, memorable experiences that fostered business sustainability while promoting growth strategies, world-class leadership, and improved client experience.”

With demand ever increasing, Ms Walsh decided to build a team and leverage the expertise of three industry experts who had owned and operated their own successful businesses and had experience in all facets of agency practice. 

“It’s with immense pride that REGROWTH welcomes Lauren Kirk and Dave Skow as business partners and directors, and Rebecca Blair as business manager,” Ms Walsh said. 

Having worked with all new REGROWTH team members in previous roles, Ms Walsh said their credibility, authenticity and aligned values meant the partnership made sense. 

Recently selling his own high-performing office with 1000 properties under management, Mr Skow’s track record of success speaks for itself. 

“It’s huge that Dave will now be available to the industry in a consultancy capacity,” Ms Walsh said.

“He is a natural leader and incredible educator who never stops learning.”

Ms Kirk has a lifetime of real estate coaching behind her and had been a contractor consultant to REGROWTH for the past nine months.

Ms Walsh said Ms Kirk had built a fantastic client base since coming on board. 

“This move to partner and director of the business will bolster the momentum gained over the past 12 months, as we look ahead to the next 12 months,” Ms Walsh said. 

Ms Blair was previously sales support manager for one of the DiJONES network’s top performing agents and brings experience in family business.

Her attention to detail and superior customer service experience rounds out a high performing team at REGROWTH. 

REGROWTH will continue to focus on Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and regional hubs in NSW, with its sights set on Brisbane in 2023.

With REGROWTH’s retreats being a leading service offering, Ms Walsh revealed another retreat venue was on the horizon for Victoria.

As revealed at REInnovate in March, Ms Walsh is also launching Australia’s first recruitment app technology in 2022, which will find and connect talent at speed, creating an online marketplace. 

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