Knight Frank Australia create fully SaaS compliant environment to deploy MRI’s Platform X capabilities

Knight Frank and MRI Software have worked together to deploy MRI’s Platform X.

The Announcement:

Knight Frank Australia (KFA) has worked with MRI Software to create a fully Software as a Service (SaaS) compliant environment to deploy MRI’s revolutionary Platform X technology

The landmark deployment of the SaaS real estate platform will ensure KFA clients enjoy access to the latest technology in the global commercial property market, which includes better access to data and new applications to manage their property portfolios.

To access the SaaS-based Platform X, KFA has partnered with Microsoft to establish the cloud-based infrastructure required, with MRI managing the full installation of the cloud environment.

“The MRI team was thrilled to assist the Knight Frank Australia technology team in bringing their vision of a next-generation platform to fruition,” said Terry Keller, Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President, IT, at MRI Software.

“Our teams worked together to deliver an environment that meets MRI’s recommended standards while achieving the proper balance of scale, performance, automation, and new applications to enhance the client experience.”

MRI has been well known in the ‘PropTech’ industry for over five decades, serving more than four million users worldwide. The company became one of the first real estate software providers to serve Australia and New Zealand in 1995 and its platform is used to manage more than 500,000 commercial leases and over 130 million square metres of property in the region.

KFA clients are set to benefit from a fully SaaS-compliant environment, configured based on MRI’s best practices. Not only will this provide clients with access to new applications, it will enable digital processes to be automated at significant scale and provide for higher levels of security, continuity and monitoring.

The SaaS-based nature of the platform also aims to ensure clients are able to automatically access the latest features and updates in real-time; will provide more seamless integration for property reporting, insights and data analysis to drive more effective and efficient property management; and will create a best practice foundation from which MRI Platform X certification training can be completed.

Knight Frank Australia’s Head of Disruption, Allan Jansen said: “We are excited to make our fully SaaS compliant environment available for MRI Platform X which is a milestone that will deepen our relationships with clients and enhance their growth ambitions.

“The platform provides excellent scale, performance and the ability to grow with our clients and to meet their future demands on stable, extensible infrastructure. The technology also integrates services for high availability, disaster recovery and operations within the Australian region.

“For KFA, the certification further reinforces our commitment to driving optimised outcomes for our clients through a combination of market-leading technology and our overall industry expertise in commercial property management and in property investment portfolio management.

“We provide fully integrated asset management services that leverage our industry relationships and deliver uniqueness to our technology offering in a way that enables streamlined, intuitive property management which can be effectively scaled to service the changing needs of our clients.”

The source: Knight Frank

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