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Kathy Tsai: Don’t get caught in the Matrix

Mindset is a huge challenge for many, but Kathy Tsai of RE/MAX Bayside Properties – Cleveland says re-setting every day will save agents from extinction

On getting into real estate
Real estate chose me when I was a little girl. My parents have always been buying and selling properties. I have been really fortunate to meet and deal with many real estate agents in the past before becoming one myself.

The happiest moment in my career
The happiest moment in my career is when I did my first multi-million dollar deal all on my own in four days! It was a career highlight for me being a bilingual sales agent to connect the Australian sellers and Chinese buyers.

The most memorable moment
It was a 28-acre lifestyle block with a house on it. It was my great privilege to represent my vendors to downsize from their 30-year home. We sold it to a school and the future is so bright for nurturing children’s education.

Best advice she’s received
The best advice I have received is to believe in myself and be myself, as everyone else has been taken.

Biggest challenge
Mindset. It’s easy to get caught in the ‘Matrix’ and black hole of constant competing priorities in real estate. Learning to re-set every day and practise ‘morning evolution time’ will keep real estate agents from extinction.

Change for good?
Lifting up the entry criteria as well as compulsory professional development to keep the licence current. 

‘Elite’ agent means
An elite agent is someone who always cares about their clients; an excellent people person who makes people feel important and special.

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