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Johnny Danger: Pride in sales

When it comes to sales, there’s no danger this Coronis agent won’t strive for the best

The happiest moment in my career
Selling homes for my vendors. It actually is a special moment when they are sold for the amount that they want. The relief for them is real and the pride I feel is amazing.

On getting into real estate
My dad and grandad were both agents. I was a successful bank manager and had a long career in a big-four bank. Then when I had done everything I had been asked and smashed my KPIs out of the park, I received a piddly annual bonus and thought it’s time to be great. Coronis interviewed me and took a chance on me, and I have never been happier.

The most memorable moment
16 McCook St, Red Hill, Queensland. It sold under the hammer, above reserve, and was broadcast live on Your Money on Sky News.

Best advice he’s received
“If you want more money, look in the mirror and ask yourself for it.” Craig Gillies said this to me and it is golden!

Biggest challenge
The biggest challenge is the quick adoption of technology. It is so essential to get ahead of the game when it changes so quickly. It’s hard to keep up but devastating if we don’t.

Change for good?
A little bit more love and respect between agents. We should all prop each other up and compete in a healthy market of strong competition and honesty. It’s so hard when others out there want to drag us down.

‘Elite’ agent means
Someone who continually pushes to get better. Someone who is constantly creating new opportunities for themselves and their community, and someone who continually strives to deliver great results for their vendors.

#WeAreRealEstate is a series of short interviews with 140 agents all over Australia exploring the industry’s hopes, concerns, future challenges, and what it really means to be an Elite Agent.

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