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John McGrath: Keep changing and growing

With several sales records under his belt, industry stalwart John McGrath says the key to success is the ability to adapt to change

On getting into real estate
I thought I’d like real estate and figured out it was an important transaction in everyone’s life. I was pretty determined to find one thing I loved and stick to it, so it had to be something important if I was going to do it for 50 years.

The happiest moment in my career
You never forget your first sale and still today I remember the feeling when I put up my first “sold” sign.  But thereafter it’s really been the ongoing feeling of helping people buy and sell their properties, day-in day-out. Very few people get the chance to have the impact theatre we are gifted. We can make a typically difficult and stressful process into something pleasurable and profitable if we do it right.

The most memorable moment
Again, the first one never leaves you. Selling the first-ever Paddington property for $2m was a highlight, and then selling an Australian record sale at $11.25m (1989) was a huge milestone. But honestly, many of the best feelings came from relatively uneventful sales where you knew you did an exceptional job and made a difference.

Best advice he’s received
“What you got here won’t get you there.” Meaning, you have to keep changing to keep growing.

Biggest challenge
Change is always the biggest challenge. Right now technology is a key enabler and many agents above the age of 50 were not trained in the age of technology, so they have to embrace its benefits and those of digital marketing and of course social media marketing. The key to success will become linked to your ability to change with the times.

Change for good?
Integrity, transparency and ego. Much more integrity and transparency; much less ego!

Elite’ agent means
An elite agent is one whose intention is to serve others first and foremost, deliver remarkable service and superior results, stays organised and balanced, looks after the community and protects the planet – all without ego.

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