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Jodie Hedley-Ward: Connection first, Commission second

Jodie Hedley-Ward of McGrath QLD had her sights set on success from the very beginning. In this feature of #WeAreRealEstate, Jodie shares her focus on dollar productive activity, the significance of human connection fused with technology, and her most memorable sale featuring renowned artist Michael Cook

On getting into real estate
My husband encouraged me for several years to enter real estate, telling me he thought I would love it. I was writing books at the time on motherhood and had two small children, but when they started primary school, I decided the time was right to check it out. I pretty much fell in love with it then and there!

The happiest moment in my career
Seeing my children enjoy opportunities that would not have been possible if I didn’t work in real estate. My life changed and opened up to new possibilities as a result of pursuing my passion.

The most memorable moment

I recently sold a stunning home for internationally-renowned photomedia artist Michael Cook, whose gallery-style walls were filled with his incredible work. The home commanded a huge amount of interest as it was designed by Michael and reflected his creative flair and unique style.

Best advice she’s received
Get focused on dollar productive activity – thank you Dr Fred/Tom Panos Mastermind Group 2019! Busy work doesn’t count!

Biggest challenge
I see human connection as being one of the most prized gifts an agents can deliver in this era of ever-increasing automation and tech shortcuts. I believe sellers are crying out for the personal touch and real time spent face-to-face with clients will become a highly-valued commodity. Agents who blend the personal touch effectively with tech (for speed and efficiency) will thrive.

Change for good?
More females entering and excelling at all levels and in all roles within our profession. I’m passionate about real estate being a phenomenal career path for women as it can offer flexibility and fulfillment on an awesome level.

‘Elite’ agent means
An elite agent is someone who is an inspiration to others in our industry. They are humble yet hungry and remain passionate despite achieving sales success well above the norm in their respective area. Matt Steinwede from McGrath epitomises this for me and is a true inspiration for many of our team at McGrath Caloundra.

#WeAreRealEstate is a series of short interviews with 140 agents all over Australia exploring the industry’s hopes, concerns, future challenges, and what it really means to be an Elite Agent.

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