‘Job crafting’ the new Harcourts NSW BOM role

The appointment has paved the path for a new opening within the Harcourts corporate team as they begin to actively search for a specialised admin support role to underpin the entire team’s day-to-day activities.

The Announcement:

The innovations continue at Harcourts with the creation of a new position.

Harcourts New South Wales is delighted to announce that Corie Forsack has been promoted to Business Operations & Events Manager. 

After commencing work with Harcourts in April this year, Ms Forsack has absolutely excelled in the State Operations Role and has been assisting with the Business Operations role over the past months. 

This hands-on approach sparked a conversation about the different aspects of her current role and the possibility of crafting a new role that played to her strengths and provided a career progression opportunity.

An increasing corpus of research indicates that ‘job crafting’ can be a potent tool for motivating staff members and giving them more control over their working lives. 

Job crafting is the proactive redesign of a person’s work activities, essentially altering the tasks, relationships, and perceptions of occupations to make them feel more like “their jobs” than the jobs of the corporation. 

“It was with this innovative approach in mind that we created this pivotal new position,” states Harcourts NSW/ACT CEO Katrina Tarrant.

“After a huge year of innovation here at Harcourts, I am immensely buoyed to have someone with Corie’s experience at the helm to support our offices across a wide range of technology platforms.”

Job crafting means employees have a greater sense of control at work and much-needed clarity on where their careers are headed when they feel like they can customise their positions.

Ms Forsack agrees: “I’m just delighted and impressed by Harcourts and Katrina’s openness to my bringing my ideas into my new role, to craft it to my strengths and passions.”

“This new role strengthens our support team offering in NSW and places us in a robust position as we forge ahead with our ambitious growth plans in 2023,” continues Ms Tarrant.

“Additionally, this appointment has also paved the path for a new opening within our corporate team as we actively recruit for a specialised admin support role to underpin the entire team’s day-to-day activities”.

Ms Forsack began her new role on Monday and is relishing making the job her own.

“This unique opportunity allows me to build upon my relationships with the Harcourts NSW/ACT family, and to continue to offer the superior support we are known for.”

Ms Tarrant is clear on the benefits of taking an innovative approach to employment:

“Corie is such a great example of how present and potential employees can learn more about their goals, skills, and, most importantly, potential, by job crafting.”

Source: Harcourts Communications Australia

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