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Jessica Bertocchi: Efficient and effective

Abel McGrath PM Jessica Bertocchi is eager to challenge the way many people view property managers

On getting into real estate
I chose to be in real estate, but at the same time it chose me. I started off working on reception, and the day our one property manager left, I got an instant promotion. It was one of the most intense times in my career, but it was a job I was hoping to be considered for slightly further down the track of my short-lived admin stint.

The happiest moment in my career
Hands down, my happiest moment in my career was when I settled into my Abel McGrath family. Coming to work was more like coming home. I know a lot of agencies advertise a tight-knit group of colleagues, but I cannot imagine anywhere else comparing to the environment we have created here.

The most memorable moment
My most memorable lease was opening a home for a single person who I really didn’t think was interested in the $2100 property. After he completed his walk through the property we had a discussion about his lack of furniture. I was able to arrange for furniture to be hired for him to seal the deal and get that lease signed!

Best advice she’s received
The advice that sits in the front of my mind during stress is to never respond to an email immediately if you feel emotionally affected by it. Take a step back to look at it from all angles and consider what could be going on with the sender. 

Biggest challenge
In an industry that is becoming more and more reliant on technology and being attached to your computer and phone, we need to remember personal touches for our clients. This area is where we need to be spending more attention instead of how many apps we have to cut down our jobs.

Change for good?
I would love to change the stigma around the title “property manager”. I believe when people think about a property manager, they imagine a woman in a beige pant suit sitting around collecting rent. The reality is that as a property manager you can literally take on any challenge, and often you need to! You need to have a sharp mind, you need to be mentally strong, you need to be efficient and effective. I do not believe people completely understand how strong you have to be to be a woman in real estate.

‘Elite’ agent means
When I think of an elite agent, I think of someone who cares deeply about their career and the impact that they are making for their clients and themselves. An elite agent needs to be a leader in the pack who is making a difference and paving the way for others to be inspired by.

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