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Jeff Turner: How to future-proof your real estate business

Jeff Turner has been a leader in all things digital in the real estate industry for decades – and now he helps tech startups understand and navigate the real estate industry as a part of the NAR Reach incubator program.

In this interview with Jeff, we take a deep dive into how technology is changing real estate and how to future proof your real estate business.

Convenience as a currency is a trend that’s here to stay. The question is: Where is the convenience going to be placed in the transaction for me?


Some topics that were discussed include

  • What makes a startup in the real estate industry likely to succeed
  • Where Jeff sees the role of the real estate professional long term
  • Jeff’s thoughts on traditional brokerages vs some of the new startup models
  • The gaps in the iBuyer model and what traditional agents can learn from them (and other potential disintermediators)
  • Fixed/low fee models and why commission is not really the issue for the consumer
  • Some of the current problems with real estate marketing and how they might be solved
  • What are the things real estate agents need to do now to get ready for a world which includes automation and artificial intelligence
  • Jeff’s favourite tech tools
  • What to do now to future proof your business

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