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Jason Rose – Optimising Vendor Marketing Campaigns

Jason Rose began his career in real estate back in 1987, specialising as an auctioneer, traveling all around Australia.

He was always determined to be the best in his business, but realised he wanted to transition to other parts of the industry. Spending some time as a real estate salesperson, business development manager, co-owner of a property management firm, instrumental in the Rental Express growth story, plus some time in Corporate, he has now taken on a brand new challenge, working as a regional salesperson for CampaignAgent, a company that provides innovative financial solutions for real estate businesses and their customers

Using his wealth of experience in marketing, lead generation and conversion, Jason and Sam walk through what a great advertising campaign looks like, how CampaignAgent can improve cashflow for vendors and real estate businesses and we also talk tips, scripts and strategies for how to effectively engage with potential customers.

“The perfect marketing campaign is around whatever is going to attract the most interest in the target market you’re after.”
Jason Rose

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What stops vendors from saying yes to the perfect marketing campaign
  • What CampaignAgent is and how it works
  • Why print is making a comeback
  • Why property management needs to catch up with sales for marketing
  • Strategies for how to engage and with potential customers
  • Tips to get people to respond to, and communicate with you no matter where they are
  • Why your tenacity of follow-up will make the biggest difference to your conversion rate
  • Conversations with context.

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