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Jacqui Walker: Second career

Getting her licence at age 50 felt like destiny for RE/MAX Success agent Jacqui Walker. Now her happiness comes on the back of her buyers' and sellers' successes

On getting into real estate
I started my career in real estate when l was 50. After a successful time in business it was time to sell that business and the only other career l thought l would really enjoy is real estate. Without mentioning this to anyone, I was in a discussion with the famous Ian Knight who owned RE/MAX Success in Toowoomba. He said to me “what are you going to do now that you have sold the business?” I was about to say, well real estate is on my mind, but before I could get it out he said, “go get your real estate licence and come and work with me”. My heart and soul jumped with joy. I was so excited and I knew this was it, this was my destiny. 

The happiest moment in my career
Every time I achieve a higher selling price than expected for my vendor, every time I have made my sellers’ and buyers’ dreams come true, this is what motivates me. Their success is my happiness.

The most memorable moment
I had a client who was looking for a unit complex to buy for Life Without Barriers. This complex needed to be suitable for wheelchair and disability use. He had visited some of my unit complexes and nothing was just right. So I sat down and had a good chat as to exactly what he needed. After listening, I was able to determine that he needed a complex that wasn’t yet finished that could be modified to suit his company needs. I had the perfect solution: a beautiful six-unit complex in a great location that we were able to modify as it was not yet at a stage where changes couldn’t be made. After much discussion and going back and forth with the plans, l was able to achieve a wonderful result for the buyer and the seller. The company bought the whole complex off the plan, which has cemented my relationship with the developer. This developer is my biggest client now, with continuous ongoing unit complexes for me to sell.

Best advice she’s received
Be the change you want to see. Value people above all else and success will follow. Plan your work and work your plan.

Biggest challenge
The biggest challenge for the future is making sure you keep up with the times in your marketing and selling, making sure you are always offering the very best for your sellers to ensure they always receive the highest possible price for their property. Giving sellers every reason to choose you over your competitors, making sure your clients only ever have reason to give you top reviews. Be the best you can be every day – never slacken off, and grow in every area. Social media, internet – there are always new things being offered, and you must keep up with the times so you are not left behind.

Change for good?
I would like to see more agents who are ethical and committed. Real estate agents typically are not seen in a favourable light. I would like to see this changed around so people typically see real estate agents as a trusted advisor in their field.

‘Elite’ agent means
My definition of an elite agent is an agent who listens, acts and delivers every single time.

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