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Is kindness the new currency?

Author Jill Lublin posed the question and found that businesses whose core principles centred around kindness – like generosity, gratitude and compassion – generated surprising outcomes.

“Every business person I interviewed who practiced kindness was happier, made more money, had more prospects and better publicity. They were generally more productive and fulfilled”, says Jill in her book The Profit of Kindness.

In her research she uncovered “using kindness as a currency is a way to create solid relationships that will pay off for years. Kindness is the currency that keeps on giving, it’s remembered and enables you to go faster, further and with more velocity.”

In other words, kindness gets your clients’ attention, it’s recognised, and the effects for your brand are longstanding and powerful.

Acts of unexpected kindness resonate with your customers. Bringing kindness to the table throughout their journey with your brand – in real estate or other industries – can have incredible returns for your business.

This is core to how Style Bundle approach customised gifting.

“Our clients understand that gifting with integrity and relevance are key to elevating customer experience” says Susan Beardsley, Co-Founder at Style Bundle. “Our team see first-hand, the businesses who invest in customised gifting strategies with personalisation for every client at the heart, are the ones who in turn see amazing response from their customers.”

Your gifting program should be so much more than just a bottle of champagne on auction day. In today’s market, gifting strategy needs to be executed with thought and kindness, devised with your customer at the heart, and carried through the entire journey, across every touch point your client has with your brand.

Next time you are thinking about the ROI of your client gifting program, shift your focus to the “ROK” (as Jill terms the ‘return on kindness’) and assess the holistic effect generosity can have for your business.

Style Bundle is a property and settlement gifting specialist. You can meet the Style Bundle team at AREC 2018, 27-28 May at the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre.

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