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Integrated Rex products to help create clients for life

Rex clients will soon have access to a broader real estate eco-system, with the company deepening the integration of its existing products, along with some new additions set to arrive later this year.

The product convergence, which includes Rex CRM, Spoke and Siteloft, will deliver a whole-of-office platform, effectively creating a one-stop-shop for agents to list, sell, rent and manage their properties. 

Rex Chief Executive Officer Anton Babkov said many PropTech tools in the marketplace evolved to manage individual parts of the real estate cycle, which often left data disconnected. 

“This matters because it doesn’t allow you to receive a realistic picture of your customers, and it doesn’t effectively let you identify opportunities,” Mr Babkov said.

Rex Chief Operating Officer Layla Foord said the integrated, easy-to-use hub would prepare agents and agencies for a tougher sales market.

“The products will come into their own now that the market is changing and it is harder for agents to sell properties,” she said.

“Rex CRM contains the customer data you need to nurture leads and all those core elements, but it is not just for customer relationship management. People can manage their business from it.”

Siteloft provides a cost-effective way for agents to keep control of a website tailored to their business goals.

“There are other products out there which seem cheaper but end up being more complex than you expect,” Ms Foord said. 

“They have features not relevant to real estate agents and are missing features they really need like being able to sync to their listings.

“The alternative of hiring an outside design agency costs a lot of money and any time you want to make changes you keep paying.

“With Siteloft we provide a site you can customise to your needs, whether it is to generate leads, create a luxury boutique presence, or for an agent who wants to connect with the local community.”

Spoke gives agents greater control of their advertising on social media with Instagram, Facebook and Google.

“A lot of people think they can do social media because they use it but it is not that simple,” Ms Foord said.

“You have to manage different platforms and administrative details. Spoke is easy to set up and we take care of all the backend work in supporting those campaigns to your budget.”

An integrated system allows the sales and property management departments to communicate effectively, providing increased opportunities for both parts of the business. 

Connecting the different parts of their business makes it more likely agents will create customers for life, Ms Foord said.

She explained the customer would receive a consistent experience and the agency received rich data they could use to understand the client’s journey and leverage the relationship.

“This is all about understanding the life cycle of a property, which may be for sale one day and for lease the next,” Ms Foord said.

“Having systems that help you manage the property through the different stages in the cycle is really useful.”

Ms Foord said people are sometimes wary of what automation means for their work processes.

“What we are doing is helping agents automate so they are in control of the process and leading that change.

“That means they have more time for doing the things they enjoy doing, the direct contact with clients.”

Mr Babkov said after significant development over the past two years, Rex will also introduce a new property management product later this year. 

“This product will be a critical part of our offering,” Mr Babkov said. 

“The feedback from beta users has been overwhelmingly positive, and we can’t wait to officially launch to market.”

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Noel Mengel

Noel Mengel is a freelance journalist and author based in Brisbane.

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