Influencing for success: How to master the power of personal impact

When it comes to climbing the career ladder, sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference says CoreLogic CEO Lisa Claes.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success in life and business, but it doesn’t have to be all blood, sweat and tears to the top either.

My career trajectory has been a varied and unconventional one, taking me from the Queensland bar (where I was the youngest female to qualify as a barrister) to a CEO in the data & analytics industry – with lengthy periods as General Counsel for a global multi-national, and senior banking executive in the years between.

While I’ve needed to master many skills as I’ve climbed the career ladder, I’ve found that one of the most important, yet understated, is the power of personal impact.

Personal impact is a combination of attributes, qualities and experience that encapsulate us in a unique way – visually, verbally and through our consistent behaviours. It’s what makes us memorable, and plays a huge role in our ability to influence others and get the outcome we want.

The good news is we can all learn to project ourselves with impact – whatever our ambitions in life.

1. Exude confidence

Having confidence is easier said than done, but it’s an essential part of getting ahead. If it doesn’t come naturally, develop it with practice.

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘fake it till you make it’, but you don’t need to have all the answers. If you don’t know something, say so decisively.

Whatever you do, strive to be memorable; black is almost always better than beige.

2. Get things done

Your track record speaks volumes so build a reputation for getting things done. Do what you say you’re going to do and when you say you’re going to do it, so that others never need to follow you up.

There are always shifting priorities, so be agile and get in the habit of moving quickly. Build momentum; don’t put off till tomorrow what you could do today.

3. Nurture relationships

High performers know that getting ahead is as much about ‘who you know’, as it is about ‘what you know’ so invest in building relationships inside and outside your industry.

Effective networking is an art form, and an essential part of any job. Identify who your wider stakeholders are and take a considered approach to developing connections. Simple gestures, such as a note following a meeting, go a long way to cementing relationships. And always remember you need to give to get.

4. Be credible

First impressions form quickly, so build credibility by ensuring you look and speak the part. Invest in your appearance – show you take yourself and your career seriously.

Speak the language of the industry you’re in: learn the terminology, be aware of trends, and be alert to what’s going on around you. Educate yourself continually – if you have gaps in knowledge, fill them quickly.

Never be anyone but authentically ‘you’, but the best version you can be.

Whatever business you are in, consciously do something that will take you forward every day. Mastering your personal brand is an investment in yourself that will help you strategically shape your future.


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Lisa Claes

Lisa Claes is the Managing Director of CoreLogic Australia/New Zealand. For more information visit corelogic.com.au