How to persuade sellers to style their home when the cost-of-living is biting

Across the real estate industry, it’s a well-known fact that a styled property will always deliver a better end result.

In today’s competitive market it is even more important to present a well-styled home to potential buyers, however the strain homeowners are feeling due to the cost-of-living skyrocketing, may have some vendors looking to cut costs.

The good news is there are a variety of styling options available and there are ways to achieve great results without breaking the bank.

Most styling companies will offer full or partial styling packages, which can help reduce the overall cost but will involve more time from the client.

When it comes to persuading a vendor they need to style their home, we find the following strategies help to convince those sitting on the fence to get across the line.

  1. Emphasise the benefits of home staging

To convince vendors of the value of home staging, it’s essential to highlight the potential return on investment and the benefits it can bring. Explain that staging helps create a lasting first impression, maximises the home’s potential, and increases its perceived value. A well-staged home can make buyers envision themselves living there, ultimately leading to faster sales and potentially higher offers.

  1. Showcase success stories

Share success stories of previous clients who implemented home staging and achieved positive results. Discuss how staging helped their properties stand out in the market and ultimately led to quicker sales and higher prices. Real-life examples can be powerful tools in persuading vendors of the effectiveness of home staging, even in a cost-conscious market.

  1. Demonstrate the difference

Show photoshoot images of the same property, firstly with the owner’s current furniture and then secondly after it has been professionally styled. The first place potential buyers will see a property is online, so remind them that styling is not just about having flowers and candles lit at the open inspection!

  1. Provide options

Styling can be full or partial. Partial styles are where we work with the owner’s furniture, and in some cases suggest removing and storing items, bring in styling items to create the best flow, function and presentation for sale. Full styles are where the properties are empty and we fully dress and style the full property.

  1. Establish partnerships with affordable staging resources:

Build relationships with local staging companies, furniture rental services, and home decor stores that offer cost-effective options. By partnering with these businesses, you can negotiate discounted rates or even arrange for temporary staging furniture at reduced costs. This way, you can provide your vendors with affordable staging solutions while adding value to your services as a real estate agent.

Convincing vendors to invest in professional property styling during times when the cost of living is high requires careful communication and cost-effective strategies.

By reminding them of the benefits of styling, presenting real results, and offering affordable solutions, will put you in the best position to persuade vendors to sign on.

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Justine Wilson

Justine Wilson is the director and owner of Vault Interiors. She has a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Technology Sydney – and an impressive history of experience over the years in styling and staging homes for sale.