How to apply Grant Cardone’s number 1 rule for success

In a world where success can be elusive and multifaceted, a single rule emerges as the key ingredient to achieving your goals: showing up.

That’s the view of sales coach, entrepreneur and author Grant Cardone, who believes the power of showing up consistently and wholeheartedly is about embracing growth, seeking deeper levels of involvement, and bringing fresh perspectives to the table.

He says it is an ongoing process of adaptation, where you evolve, challenge yourself, and explore new horizons.

“Showing up means I show up… showing up means you got there and then you showed up again and then you showed up again… showing up means you’re looking for deeper levels to show up,” Grant says.

Grant Cardone’s top tips for showing up include:

  1. The number one rule of success is to show up. It means being present, actively participating, and taking action. Just physically being somewhere or having a title or position is not enough. Success requires actively engaging in opportunities and challenges.
  2. People who showed up and achieved success. It might seem like a strange list, but Grant says characters such as Rambo and Corleone, and actors such as Bruce Willis, Burt Reynolds, and Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrated the importance of showing up. They symbolise determination, resilience, and dedication to their goals.
  3. Showing up consistently. This means consistently being present and engaged and going beyond just physically being there. Merely being physically present is not enough. To truly show up, you must be mentally and emotionally engaged in the task at hand. It involves active participation, attentiveness, and being fully present in the moment. It goes beyond mere attendance and requires giving your best effort.
  4. Improve and adapt. Showing up requires continuous improvement and adaptation, always bringing something new to the table: Grant emphasises that showing up is not about repeating the same actions over and over again. It involves constantly striving for improvement, seeking new strategies, and being open to change. Showing up means continuously evolving and bringing fresh perspectives, ideas, and approaches to all that you do.
  5. Showing up isn’t about a singular location. The importance of showing up applies to different areas of life. Whether it’s work, relationships, personal growth, or any other endeavour, consistently showing up and being fully engaged is vital for achieving success. This includes being committed, enthusiastic, and actively seeking growth and improvement in all aspects of life. Showing up consistently demonstrates dedication and increases the likelihood of success.

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.


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