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How to achieve the best outcome of your lead source through dialogue

Expert property management coach Kate Benjamin of Real+ shares her top four tips for BDMs looking to achieve their prospecting targets through effective dialogue

Q: My BDM seems to be avoiding prospecting. Initially locating leads and having access to data was the challenge (excuse) when not hitting prospecting targets, but now it seems she is struggling with dialogue. What do you recommend?

A: When it comes to dialogue, keeping it simple makes it effective for the potential prospect and more natural for the prospector.

It also means that you can increase the volume of calls and connections, getting a better outcome – faster!

The best and most effective dialogue depends on the lead source your BDM is targeting.

Here are a few concept suggestions.

Current landlord
Conduct a quick Net Promoter score verbal survey, or mortgage health check call, based on recent further rate reductions.

As part of either discussion, identify other potential, current or future investments.

Current tenant
Working in with your mortgage referral partner, ascertain whether you can assist current or past tenants in rent-vesting or buying in the area, additionally identifying other current investments.

Current buyer OFI attendees
A brief, simple offer of rent return information on the property they have inspected is easy and direct.

Alternatively, offer a desktop appraisal on other agents’ sale listings.

Previous buyer inquiries
Call old inquiry lists and ask past buyers the following:
• Did they buy the property?
• Did they move in or did they put a tenant in the property?
• Do they have any plans to buy an investment in the next six to 12 months?

Put simply, effective dialogue comes down to identifying how you may be able to help the person you are calling.

Constantly seek to add benefit and value, and you cannot go wrong.

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Kate Benjamin

At REAL+, Kate Benjamin focuses on linking business needs to highly desirable outcomes around team, client engagement and rent roll growth. For more information visit realplus.com.au.