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Highland Property Agents gives back to the community

Highland Property Agents is celebrating their tenth birthday this year and attribute their success to their community spirit and innovative approach to the industry.

Speaking exclusively to Elite Agent, CEO David Highland said, “we have outworked our competition and new ways to be innovative”.

Focused on creating a positive atmosphere for staff and promoting an environment everyone can perform to the best of their ability, Mr Highland says that the company knows that motivation is key and the business is committed to creating a positive culture; with equal importance placed on every member of the company and greater equity opportunities for key staff within the team.

Having fun on the job as well as providing rewards for the team is also important to Highland, which is why the entire team is going on a holiday to Fitzroy Island.

“Our success is down to the entire team regardless of any given role. This is our way of saying thanks” he adds.

Another reason the business has enjoyed great success over the past decade is due to a strong community focus. Rather than just being focused on closing deals, and gaining more clients, they also focus on giving back to the community.

One of Highland’s major initiatives is the Blue Lunch Initiative, an annual networking event for 450 businesses to come together to raise money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick.

Since its inception in 2014, just under $750,000 has been raised and the company hopes to take that up to $1 million this year.

Mr Highland spoke positively about the Children’s Hospital saying, “The Sydney Children’s Hospital Sydney is aligned with our values, we feel like it’s relevant. It’s a good cause”.

Looking to the next ten years Mr Highland says he is hoping the company will expand even further, with new offices, a greater community focus and more opportunities for staff.

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