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Henry Wong: Aiming high

Exceeding expectations is a goal many in the industry strive for – and Remax United Vision’s Henry Wong is no exception

On getting into real estate
Real estate was the only profession that I could see myself earning over $100k per year, profit that is, given my skillset and habits I had at that time. I gave myself three years to achieve this $100k-plus per year. There’s no other profession I’d be able to achieve that, as I’m not an engineer or medical professional. Also, my wife was a waitress, so I had to earn well over $100k plus her income to afford at least an OK house to buy.

The happiest moment in my career
Paying off my credit card and having the income in order to buy our first home. To help others buy and sell and achieve outcomes beyond their expectations.

The most memorable moment
A shopping centre in Tingalpa. The buyer literally paid $5.9 million cash and even printed out his own bank cheque from his home. I saw it with my own eyes. I didn’t even know you could do that.

Best advice he’s received
If people like and trust you, they will go along with your advice.

Biggest challenge
The cost of the online portals eating more into our livelihoods. To be able to add more value to a seller, also to be able to introduce properties to buyers who have not considered the suburb. That aspect, an online portal can’t help because you can’t search for something you haven’t considered or heard of.

Change for good?
Agents need to view this as a business and not a job, and to focus on profit and profit margin, not revenue. We get too hung up on gross commission income you wrote rather than how much do you take home net after expenses. At the end of the day, it is what you take home that counts not what you write in revenue.

‘Elite’ agent means
An agent who can adapt to the changing environment. Someone who constantly creates opportunities, someone who is focused on the numbers, primarily net income, that is what you take home, not what you write.

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