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Harcourts Solutions sees the return of familiar faces

Harcourts Solutions has welcomed back a host of agents who have chosen to rejoin the franchise.

The Announcement:

Over the past 12 months, Harcourts Solutions has experienced a transformative period, further defining and excelling its reputation as a leading real estate agency in Brisbane. 

Through the continued implementation of cutting-edge technology and a robust support infrastructure, they continue to energise and empower their people.

The agency’s ability to continuously advance and stay true to its values has seen the return of several agents who have chosen to rejoin the team to ultimately provide the best service and results for their clients.

Returning agent Shane Boyd he was excited to return to Harcourts Solutions, with the leadership team 100 per cent focused on the success of their people in all aspects of life. 

“Having worked for other agencies throughout my career it’s refreshing to see core values being passionately pursued daily for the people and in-turn our clients,” Mr Boyd said.

These professionals ventured into other agencies but were drawn back to the core fundamental principles that underpin Harcourts Solutions, surpassing what they found elsewhere. 

Returning to a business that works together to help every person succeed, as individuals and as a team.

Brendan Whipps, one of the Directors at Harcourts Solutions, said their focus has steadfastly remained on providing the world’s best support to our team.

“Our sole purpose is to help others create success,” Mr Whipps said.

“We dedicate ourselves entirely to fostering the careers of our people and unlike other models, we are non-selling principals. 

“This rare approach, combined with significant investment in lead generation and people development, has been instrumental in why so many of our agents find their way back to us.”

Jaiden Nightingale returns with a greater perspective and said he had the pleasure of working for the top three brands across Brisbane and found, nothing compares to Harcourts Solutions. 

“The commitment to innovation and growth is undoubtedly what sets this company apart,” Mr Nightingale said.

Harcourts Solutions are proud of the advanced tools they have established to enhance lead generation, agent support, marketing and deliver a smooth client journey. 

One notable initiative is Buyer Concierge, a custom-built, all-in-one service designed for buyers. 

This innovation not only streamlines the selling process for agents but also optimises the outcome for their clients, ensuring a highly efficient and impressive experience.

The integration of multiple digital solutions is a pivotal factor that distinguishes them from others. 

Buyer Concierge, along with digital proposals, instant market updates and high-performing digital advertising has significantly contributed to the success of the team and the return of  numerous agents, with more to follow.

Returning agent Emily Magee, said the move was positive for her business.

“Harcourts Solutions has induced the momentum that my business needed and I’m so happy to be back,” Ms Magee said. 

“I now have more tools than ever before to work at pace with efficiency and have true support from Harcourts Solutions to sustain that for my clients.”

The agents’ return exemplifies the resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking ethos of Harcourts Solutions. 

Devoted entirely to fostering success among their team, they have cultivated a culture and organisation that truly distinguishes itself from others.

Returning agent, Kate van Bennekom said she was pleased to be back working with the Harcourts Solutions team.

There’s always a warm welcome as soon as you walk through the office doors and the company culture is one that fosters an environment of community, encouragement and self-belief,” Ms van Bennekom said.

I’m excited to represent our clients with such a wonderful brand.”

Harcourts Solutions extends a warm ‘welcome back’ to its returning agents and looks forward to a future lit by shared triumphs and the relentless pursuit of offering the finest experience in real estate.

Source: Harcourts

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