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Growing your adjacency revenue the easy way

In the past, real estate agents have never had an easy way to monetise their preferred supplier relationships. With adjacency revenue becoming an increasingly important income stream, there is now a new way to add additional revenue to your business.

With declining fees and falling revenue streams hurting many agents around the country, it is more important than ever to maximise every cent you’re earning.

A new product allows real estate agents to monetise many of their preferred supplier relationships and create an additional passive stream of income for both agents and agencies.

ezecomply starts the flow of adjacency revenue for your business whilst providing a secure 24/7 portal for all the details relating to the sale of their home.

Agents generally use a host of complimentary services when selling a home. They might include things like staging, cleaning, removals, finance and legal services. Many agents might have unofficial relationships already in place, however, ezecomply allows you to quickly and easily track and monetise those opportunities and in the process, add another revenue stream to your business.

The software allows vendors to communicate via chat as well as view all important agency documents, view photos of the property, access property reports and view similar sales in the area. It also has the ability to provide alerts for such things as home opens and auction dates.

ezecomply founder Gary Kendrick said he saw how powerful this tool could be in other industries and that inspired him to help ultimately build something to assist agents.

“I was in the process of selling a couple of investment properties and the deluge of emails and hard copy material became too painful to manage,” Mr Kendrick said.

“I had our ezecomply service working with accountants and recruitment companies and their clients, having all their data stored securely in a single place that was simple to access via the accountants or recruiters website.

“This was the light-bulb moment to look at the provision to real estate, with the unique added bonus of being able to monetise their supplier listings if they wanted to, generating a passive income per listing.”

Previously real estate agents never really had an easy way to monetise the additional services that come with listing a home. That was something Mr Kendrick wanted to fix.

“Agencies on listing, as part of their ‘printed material pack’, offer to clients a list of preferred suppliers they are happy to recommend, this was not in any way problematic, however they are unable to monetise this and also the data supplied is ‘passive’ and requires the vendor to actively enter this into search engines. By having active hyperlinks in the portals they can browse several sites rapidly and select the appropriate services they wish to engage.”

Agents have two business advantages with ezecomply for real estate. Having a vendor portal access directly from a ‘client log in’ tab on their website ensures every detail relating to the sale of a vendors home is in a single place, secure, with an email alert as to new content is added in either direction, ensures efficiency, compliance and ease of access directly to support services in relation to the sale of their home and subsequent move.

The passive ongoing adjacency revenue can be generated from the various suppliers by having them pay to be in front of their ideal client, which is someone in the process of selling their home.

From this point onwards, Mr Kendrick is looking to expand ezecomply’s capabilities for agents while increasing its ease of use.

“The key to this service is its simplicity, being a secure site for all the data relating to the sale of a vendor’s home. Once sold the portal can be archived and reused time after time.

“Our road map includes the addition of more capability to increase the simplicity and ease of access, that being to name but two areas identified for inclusion being SMS alerting and an app development, plus assessing and incorporating specific agency and client feedback as to requirements that would enhance the service whilst maintaining the core integrity of simplicity.”

For more information visit ezecomply.com

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a senior journalist at Elite Agent specialising in finance and real estate.